Cop Allegedly Broadcasts Herself Have Sex While At Work

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A L.A. Sheriff’s deputy might be in a bit of hot water after allegedly getting down and dirty while at work.

In audio shared by TMZ, a female cop in the department appeared to accidentally broadcast herself engaging in adult extracurricular activities. At one point in the audio, she worries that her underwear might rip.

TMZ reported the audio is believed to be from a female officer that was working at the Men’s Central Jail, and the incident occurred while she was on break.

While it’s not entirely clear what happened, the department told TMZ they believed the interaction happened in the parking structure. Clearly, she did not know she had her radio on.

If it’s confirmed the unnamed officer was having sex, it’s possible she could be suspended or fired.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputy under investigation for allegedly having sex at work. (Credit: Getty Images)

Obviously, engaging in sexual activities at work is probably not a great idea. Short of using the viral moment to launch an OnlyFans career, it’s almost always going to end poorly.

Employers just aren’t huge fans of the idea, as shocking as that might be. However, there is a bit of a gray area here.

If the woman was on break and in the parking structure, what exactly are the rules now? Yes, she was allegedly on city property, but she was on break. At the very least, we should acknowledge it’s a bit of a sticky situation. Not nearly as cut and dry as some might hope.

Either way, the best option is always to just not have sex at work. Unless you’re hoping to use a viral moment to launch an adult entertainment career, it’s just not a great idea.

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