Kyrie Irving Burns Sage At TD Garden Before Tonight’s Preseason Matchup

Brooklyn Nets’ star point guard Kyrie Irving might go down as the most bizarre and misunderstood athlete of all time. Yeah, we all remember Dennis Rodman and his dresses, or Mike Tyson chewing ears, but Kyrie does something strange every week. If a Cal State Fullerton undergrad left mid-semester to find themselves in Europe, wouldn’t they behave just like Kyrie Irving?

Ahead of tonight’s showdown in Boston against the Celtics, Irving walked around TD Garden burning sage. Who does that? Irving is known to be very much like rapper Jaden Smith. Cerebral, impulsive, and sometimes he can be flat out immature. Kyrie certainly isn’t boring, so we have to give him that.

In a league that’s plummeting ratings wise, the NBA can use some Kyrie Irving antics to spice things up. Imagine if the Nets get off to a slow start and Kyrie goes missing in Barbados to avoid the media. It’s the perfect drama to save what’s left of this league. Talent has never been better, but the personality and heart has been lacking for awhile. Irving and these head scratching moves like burning sage in an empty arena should turn some heads, so commissioner Adam Silver should be thankful. Irving’s disruption might actually do some good.

Kyrie, never change.

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