Kyrie Irving a ‘Driving Force’ in Concern Over NBA Bubble

With the NBA bubble in Disney World taking so long to commence, there have always been concerns in the back of my mind that issues could materialize, including a spike in coronavirus nationwide and/or in Florida, or players getting cold feet over the whole idea of the bubble. This afternoon, word has emerged that Kyrie Irving is leading a charge of concerns about the bubble.

Reports of issues with the bubbles have been trickling out:

  • On Wednesday, Woj reported at ESPN that there have been conference calls with 40-50 players who were expressing the following concerns: “As players have started to come to terms with the restrictive and isolated nature of the Orlando bubble — including no visitors until after the first round of the playoffs, nearly seven weeks after the opening of mid-July training camp — there has been increased dialogue about the prudence of restarting the season for a number of players, especially those on non-championship contenders, sources said.”
  • Woj also reported that some of the players had issues about not being able to leave the bubble.
  • Earlier today, Chris Haynes reported at Yahoo that a number of players are ‘disappointed’ that their voices weren’t heard from in the process of resuming play; last week the NBA Players Association executive committee approved the plan.

Following that report, Taylor Rooks and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report added the following:

It sounds like there could be more concern over a lack of freedom to go in and out of the bubble than concern for safety. Hopefully all of this gets squared away because it would be a complete disaster if the NBA’s return to play plans blew up.

Update: Haynes adds:

Here is what Clay had to say about NBA players being unhappy with the bubble:

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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