Kyler Murray Has High Expectations For Cardinals, So That Makes One Person

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Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray has a feeling that this season will be a bounce-back year for him and his team.

That’s a great attitude to have even if he’s the only one with it.

Thursday night, the Cardinals released an episode of their documentary series Cardinals Flight Plan (get it?) and in it, Murray espoused his views that the team is headed in the right direction.

“As far as the chip on my shoulder, like what type of energy I’m coming with into the season, I feel free in a sense, you know, especially with the change of upstairs and the organization,” Murray said, per Pro Football Talk. “I feel like they’ve done a great job since coming in, holding people accountable, [and] the leadership. They are really trying to build something from the ground up.

“The way we’re going, the way I feel like, personally, the sky is the limit.”

There’s a new GM upstairs and a new coach cruising the sidelines, but some big names like JJ Watt and DeAndre Hopkins will not be part of the picture for different reasons.

Does that sound like a “sky is the limit situation?”

Is Kyler Murray Just Saying That Or Is The Outlook Actually Good For The Cardinals?

But then again, what is a player supposed to say in one of these team-made documentaries/

I think we’re hosed this season. For me, it’s a write-off and as long as the check clears I’m happy. Hell, I’ve got a trip to Ibiza booked for the second week of January, so…”

Of course, not. If he did that would be promptly dropped to the cutting room floor.

While it may be too soon for things to flip on a dime out in the desert, perhaps the big picture is a bit rosier, at least from the Cardinals QB’s inside perspective.

He’s on the books for a while, through most of the 2020s. Perhaps there’s a long-term plan that he’s liking.

Maybe most of us will be wrong and the Cardinals will come out blazing, but that seems unlikely.

Of course, that kind of talk will only make the chip on Kyler Murray’s shoulder grow, so he’s welcome for that.

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