Kyle Trask’s Dad Rips Florida Receivers, Defense During Cotton Bowl

Kyle Trask is not having his best performance. The Heisman Trophy finalist started the Cotton Bowl with three first-quarter interceptions, which is one reason why Florida is currently down 41-13 to Oklahoma in the third quarter.

Trask is also missing all of his top options in the passing game. Kyle Pitts, Kadarius Toney and Trevon Grimes all opted out earlier in the week, while Jacob Copeland is out due to COVID-19. But Trask has made uncharacteristic decisions on Wednesday night that have hindered the Gators’ offense.

That hasn’t stopped his dad, Michael Trask, from ripping the other struggling parts of the team, though. David Soderquist shared a few Facebook posts from Michael on Twitter, and let’s just say there is some pent up frustration.

The first post: “Way to go [Todd] Grantham… living up to expectations.”

The second: “Can anybody catch a ball on this this team?????????????”

Note: I may have been a little lax on the question marks. I honestly didn’t feel like counting. Forgive me.

So, Michael Trask has now blamed his son’s receivers and the defensive coordinator. That’s not going to go over well. He may be absolutely right, but it’s still not going to go over well. And his son has played a part in this lopsided game.

Kyle is in a no-win situation here. The weapons lost are all those guys he has spent an entire season — and more — building chemistry with. Things changed on a dime. It’s a little unrealistic to expect him to perform to the standard we’ve seen.

With that being said, ripping on your son’s team via social media, especially when your son is the face of that team, is not a good move.

We’re not even to the fourth quarter yet, either. Who knows what could happen.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. If he’s got a bone to pick it should be with the starting WRs. Try being a college WR with a bad QB and see how your draft stock looks (ex. Donovan Peoples-Jones). You can’t find a 1st round WR in the last 3-4 years that didn’t have a “good” college QB at least and Trask is obviously an elite college QB. They knew he was playing for a chance at a Heisman Trophy or he would’ve opted out himself. I know people say they have to do what’s best for themselves, but that’s a cop-out and they know it.

    And yeah, yeah, I know that’s still a bad look for his dad, but all QB dads are slightly crazy.

    • I’m with you. Blame Kyle Pitts, Kadarius Toney, Trevon Grimes. They left their Heisman candidate QB hanging out to dry. I’d be furious if I was Kyle’s father. His son helped make those players look good for the draft, and they ran out on his son.

  2. They knew they were going down. They lost to LSU and got slapped by Alabama. Their best game was losing to A&M. What better excuse getting beat down in a bowl game than having your premier players out. The coach probably begged Track to go to, but he had dreams for the Heisman, which he wasn’t going to win anyway.

  3. I can’t judge Trask’s dad for blowing up, because his son got placed in a situation where he was going to have to stand out there and take one for the team. He was left hanging out to dry by those receivers who quit. Having your entire starting receiver group quit on you before a game is like a boxer being told he’s got to fight with one arm tied behind his back. Let’s ditch the whole “opt out” semantics garbage and call it what it really is. Quitting on your team.

  4. Lots of talent on the field but not a lot of experience – and those that did have experience couldn’t catch the ball. Shorter couldn’t have played any more below expectations than he did. He was terribad. They also had just three days of practice apparently. Sounds to me like Mullen mailed it in a bit.

  5. Totally agree with Dad Trask, but not the place for sure.
    My problem with the “opt outs” this year is: How much time in the last 7-10 days did theyreally prepare for the NFL Draft in April/May? Come on man! Just another excuse.

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