Kyle Kuzma Has A Ball With New Trade Rumor Surrounding Ben Simmons

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Ben Simmons still hasn’t touched the floor this season and now 76ers’ GM Daryl Morey is reportedly looking to package Simmons with two-guard Tobias Harris. That’s two monster contracts on the block at once that grabbed the attention of first-year Wizards power forward Kyle Kuzma.

Kuzma tweeted a simple question:

“How the hell you package 80ms,” Kuzma wrote.

Simmons is owed $111 million over the next three seasons and Harris reals in $77 million over the next two. A grand total of $75.5 million in salary that’ll require a player on a star’s contract to get involved and then some. Daryl Morey told the press during the preseason that the Sixers won’t accept a trade until they get “a great player in return,” and that’s understandable when we consider the potential of this duo on the floor.

The problem we run into, which Kuzma alluded to, is who on God’s beautiful green earth is willing to send $77.5 million in outbound contracts to acquire Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris? Frequent NBA trade machine users would suggest more teams need to get involved. Multiple teams would need to throw players in the pot to make the money work.

No offense to Daryl Morey and his wishes, but any trade that rids the 76ers of these two players that involves that type of money isn’t returning a player Philadelphia wants. Their hometown fans have begged for Portland’s Damian Lillard all winter, and while that would be a fantastic pickup, why would Portland take Lillard-type money for players not on his level? No trade makes sense and that’s what makes Kyle Kuzma’s remarks hilarious. The Philadelphia 76ers need to embrace the fact that Ben Simmons won’t return them a player of their liking. Players making $111 from now until 2025 that can’t shoot don’t return great players on the market.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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  1. Interesting tactic. Morey can’t get he wants for Simmons alone, but now adds Harris to make a deal even more difficult. Truth is Morey now realizes he can’t get an all star for Simmons, so he’s adding Harris knowing he has to settle for next tier lower players. But, like you and Kuz said, who’s taking on Harris to get Simmons?

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