Kurt Warner Defends Coordinator Who Said Patrick Mahomes Plays ‘Streetball’

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An anonymous NFL defensive coordinator made what some deemed controversial remarks about Patrick Mahomes. Pro Football Hall of Famer Kurt Warner has now come to the defense of the coordinator.

Warner recently joined ‘The Rich Eisen Show’ and addressed the comments about how the Kansas City QB “plays streetball” as soon as his first read gets taken away. He seems to think that the coordinator’s comments were taken way out of context.

“I think first we have to take in context,” Warner explained. “You have to realize with defensive coordinators is that all of us as quarterbacks have flaws, you know, things and again, we have things that we’re not as good at as other things.

“So, what I believe that coordinator was really saying was we’ve got to figure out how do we stop Patrick Mahomes, so how we stop him is we try to take the first or the early reads away, and we try to force him to get away from the context and force him to try to make some of those special plays.”

Warner later continued to say that he believes the coordinator was simply trying to say that when the Chiefs lose it’s because the other team forces him into scrambling and making mistakes.

“Nothing against the guy. I love the kid. But take his first read away and what does he do? He runs, he scrambles and he plays streetball,” was the sentence the anonymous coordinator told The Athletic that started the controversy.

What we have here is certain media members and fans going way too deep into an opinion from a coordinator looking for something to dig at. It’s okay for someone to say they don’t think Mahomes’ game is perfect, just like it’s okay for anyone to disagree with the statement as well.

Written by Mark Harris


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