Klay Thompson Imposter Participates in Shootaround before Game 5, Gets Banned for Life

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Ahead of Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Warriors and Celtics Monday night, Klay Thompson — or so some thought — took part in a pregame shootaround.

We would find out later that it was, in fact, not Thompson himself. It was rather Fake Klay Thompson, who is portrayed by popular YouTuber Dawson Gurley. Gurley was often seen at the Chase Center during Golden State’s 2015, 2017 and 2018 NBA title runs, but it appears his time is now up.

Gurley revealed on Twitter before the game that he had been banned for life from the Chase Center.

Gurley claims he walked by five layers of security guards who never once asked for any identification. He eventually made his way onto the court and shot around for 10 minutes before he was noticed.

See the resemblance? While it’s a nice getup, it came with consequences.

Gurley posted the following letter on Twitter, signed by Chase Center’s vice president of security, Brian J. Herbert.

Gurley was spotted by multiple fans before the game, who were duped into believing it was the actual Thompson.

Written by Nick Geddes

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  1. I bet everyone immediately noticed once he started shooting. Everyone watching was probably worried Klay Thompson had a stroke and needed immediate medical attention due to the horrifying onslaught of bricks and klangs they were witnessing.

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