Kirk Herbstreit Wants ‘Drunk Clowns’ Banned From PGA Majors

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If John Daly, Happy Gilmore and Kirk Herbstreit played 18, chances are only two of three would find the experience enjoyable.

Herbstreit’s the odd man out, no doubt skipping the 19th hole.

We learned Sunday that Herby’s an honorary member of the fun police and wants nothing more than birds chirping whilst out on the green. Drunk Clowns be damned!

“Think the time has come the @PGATOUR ban the drunk clowns yelling after a tee shot at a Major,” tweeted an obviously bothered Herbstreit. “Was really funny back in 2003.”

Wait, what? Who doesn’t appreciate a well-timed “Baba Booey” or “Get in the hole,” within a second of club meeting ball? Do people really want the already stiff attendees of golf’s biggest events to act as if they’re shuffling through a funeral?

Herbstreit’s get off my lawn moment took place right around the time Justin Thomas was wrapping up a first-place finish at the PGA Championship. Herby may have had to change the channel if John Daly, who commented about the tournament while smoking darts from an RV in a church parking lot, had been in contention. Clearly Herbstreit isn’t down for that kind of party.

It’s almost as if he envisioned the crowd as acting as if they were at a rock concert!


By the way, those “drunk clowns” at last weekend’s PGA Championship paid $18 a beer. If you spend enough to get drunk off those pricey suds, you’re well within your rights to offer a shot-by-shot commentary if you so choose.

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Written by Anthony Farris


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