Kirk Herbstreit Has Strong Words For Mike Leach Over Bowl Brawl

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Kirk Herbstreit didn’t hold back Friday morning while addressing the Tulsa-Mississippi State bowl brawl and how Mike Leach handled the situation.

“Mike Leach should be embarrassed,” Herbstreit said on College GameDay. “His postgame interview and what he said — ‘Hey, it’s football…eh, it’s physical, it’s going to happen.’”

“Are you kidding me, Mike? You should be embarrassed about your program and what it did.”

Herbstreit was particularly angry at Mississippi State players being proud and high-fiving each other over the brawl.

“This is a black eye for the sport,” Herbie added. “Maybe you don’t care about the sport, dude. It’s as bad as it can be watching that.

Leach doesn’t see it as a black eye. He thinks it’s just football.

“Well, I mean this is a football game. So we’re not going to be tearing cloth over this deal. I mean, ya know, someone went to a football game and somebody got hit. I mean, you know, there’s a point where I’m not going to lose my mind over it,” Leach said after the Bulldogs victory.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. Mississippi State was fortunate they had an opportunity to participate in a bowl game following their subpar season. Instead of being proud of a getting a Top 25 win, they will have to hear all of this in the coming days.

  2. “This is a black eye for the sport,” Herbie added. “Maybe you don’t care about the sport, dude. It’s as bad as it can be watching that.”

    Herbie…I think you’re a bigger douchebag than I imagined. Guess you never ran out on the field to stick up for a teammate or two…and maybe it escalated? Especially at the end of a game with emotions raw and nobody worried about being ejected after a season-ending bowl game.
    These are young kids, Herbie…they’re not being logical after leaving it all on the field…and there’s no time to ask who threw the first punch…and not like stuffed shirt announcers who used to play the game.
    Very easy to blame the coach…but what should he have done? Ever try to corral 75 cats running around in a field…how about a herd of stallions?
    St. Herbie of Virtueville…give it a rest already.

  3. Herbie needs to go and cry on Twatter and save his indignation for the real atrocities happening in the world. There’s a market for alternative play by play of games. How many of us would stream an audio of a good, woke-free, play by play of a game and turn the sound to zero of ESPansyN.

  4. Herbie has turned into such a pussy. Ever since he balled at the beginning of the season about the corrupt BLM movement nothing he shares is relevant. We need more Alpha Dogs like Mike in college football. Who cares if a bunch of teenage boys in pads beat n each other at the end of a game. No one was worse for wear. Hell they were having a little fun.

  5. Wow…sorry. As much as I agree with the direction Herbie is headed at MSESPN, I have to agree with him on this. As a player and a coach, I’ve always told my teammates and players, you control 2 things: your effort and your attitude, and you aren’t much good to anyone without both. The “heat of the moment” argument went bye-bye when the second, third and beyond got involved, IMO. As for lack of reprisal, the reps from each league can look at that video, determine the culprits and yes, they CAN be removed from games next season, if they return. Same for the coaches. Sweeping this under the rug invites it to rear it’s ugly head again. No place for this goonish buffoonery in any sport.

  6. The MSU player kicking a Tulsa player in the head (fortunately he had his helmet on so likely no harm) when he was down on the ground was a bridge too far for me . Sorry, that’s not “hitting” or “toughness”… it’s cowardice.

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