Kim Kardashian Trolled Kendall Jenner In Kardashians Trailer With ‘Kendall Starting Five’ T-Shirt

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The NBA playoffs are in full swing and there is no Kardashian curse in sight. Only one player in the playoffs, Tristan Thompson, is even remotely linked to a Kardashian right now. He’s on the Los Angeles Lakers and isn’t even sniffing any playoff action.

The alleged Kardashian curse extends to the Jenner sisters as well. One of the sisters, Kendall, has had her fair share of relationships with NBA players. Her most recent relationship with Devin Booker came to an end last summer after the Phoenix Suns fell apart in the playoffs last season.

Kendall Starting Five T-Shirt
Kim Kardashian trolls Kendall Jenner with a “Kendall Starting Five” t-shirt (Image Credit: Hulu/YouTube)

Prior to Booker, Kendall was linked to Ben Simmons, Blake Griffin, Jordan Clarkson and Kyle Kuzma. That’s enough to put together a starting five, which hasn’t been lost on the internet.

In fact, someone made a “Kendall Starting Five” t-shirt and is selling it. One of their customers apparently is Kendall’s sister Kim Kardashian. She was spotted wearing the t-shirt in Hulu’s Season 3 trailer of The Kardashians.

Kim’s troll job of her younger half-sister wasn’t lost on the internet. It’s likely the only real thing to ever make an appearance on the show in its history.

The scene with Kim wearing the t-shirt shows up on the trailer shortly after the 1:35 mark.

Has The NBA Figured Out Kendall Jenner?

Despite being a show built on manufactured drama that involves manufactured people the fact that the t-shirt made it into the trailer is the least surprising part of the Kendall Jenner dating an NBA player saga.

The realization that Kendall hasn’t started up a new relationship with an NBA player is much more surprising. We’re approaching a full calendar year with her out of the league.

Has she lost a step? Is no longer in love with the game of basketball? She is 27 now, there’s a real possibility that the game is passing her by.

After some research the answer is clear. She’s fallen out of love with the game. She quite obviously hasn’t lost a step and the game doesn’t appear to have passed her by either.

Written by Sean Joseph

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