Kim Kardashian West Publicly Addresses Kanye West

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Wednesday, Kim Kardashian addressed Kanye West’s alarming tweets.

“As many of you know, Kanye has bi-polar [sic] disorder,” Kardashian West posted on her Instagram Stories. “Anyone who has this or has a loved one in their life who does, knows how incredibly complicated and painful it is to understand.”

Until now, Kardashian said she’s avoided speaking about West’s disorder out of respect for their children.

“I’ve never spoken publicly about how this has affected us at home because I am very protective of our children and Kanye’s right to privacy when it comes to his health. But today, I feel like I should comment on it because of the stigma and misconceptions about mental health.”

West sent a series of problematic tweets on Monday.

“Kim was trying to fly to Wyoming with a doctor to lock me up like on the movie Get Out because I cried about saving my daughter’s life yesterday.” West wrote.

Earlier this week, reported that Kardashian is “furious” with West after he revealed that they considered getting an abortion when they found out she was pregnant with their first child, North.

“She was crying. And for one month and two months and three months, we talked about her not having this child. She had the pills in her hand,” West said during his rally.

A source told People, “Kim [was] shocked that Kanye spoke about North at the rally. She is furious that he shared something so private.”

West appeared to admit that his wife was unaware this would be made public:

“Even if my wife wants to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world even when I didn’t want to. She stood up and she protected that child.”

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