Kim Kardashian Enters The Transfer Portal, Files For Divorce From Kanye

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Seven years. That’s how long Kim Kardashian got out of Kanye West before the 40-year-old reportedly worth just under a billion dollars decided it was time to throw the washed-up 43-year-old West back into the pond so she can go after some new meat to spice up her content lifestyle.

According to TMZ, Kim wants physical custody of the couple’s four kids and they would do the co-parenting thing where Kanye gets the kids for dinner on Wednesday, but he has to have them back for nigh nigh time. Yes, there’s a prenup — you best believe Kim’s not giving him money — and the couple will settle up on jointly-owned property and that will be that.

Is Kanye a kooky mess? So I hear. Is it crazy that these two even made it seven years? Yes, but then it’s not considering Kim had an E! reality show to fill with content. Now the show is over — until Kim launches something like ‘Kim & The Kardashians Comeback’ and she’s dating some power forward from the Clippers.

“Without ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Kardashian wrote back in September. “I will be forever in debt to everyone who played a role in shaping our careers.”

Kayne appeared to dig his own grave while riding the gravy train when he crossed Kris Jenner with a “Kris Jong-Un” shot back in the fall that pretty much signaled divorce court was coming soon.

This is now the third time Kim will have been to divorce court. Her first marriage ended in 2004 while her second marriage, to Kris Humphries, lasted 72 days. I actually bought Kim and Kris a napkin off their wedding registry and got a thank you note (allegedly) signed by Kim only to get a notice after the divorce that all the wedding items would be donated to charity. Someone out there has the $22 napkin I bought for her.

No more, Kim. Now you’re insanely wealthy and will sign a half-billion dollar deal after locking down the Clippers power forward. I will not be sucked in again!

Back to the open market, you go!



Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I’ll say Kayne has better future than her.So what if he’s crazy don’t see that as a problem in rap world,but 40 with 4 kids in the pinup world after being ridden hard and put up wet her best days are in the rear view..

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