Khabib Making A Comeback? His Trainer Says It Is A Real Possibility

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Khabib “The Eagle” Nurmagomedov announced his retirement from the UFC last year after the passing of father, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.

An undefeated menace and considered one of MMA’s all-time best fighters, Khabib appears to already be on the road to returning to the Octagon based on recent comments made by head coach Javier Mendez.

Mendez and Khbabib were spotted in Las Vegas supporting cousin Abubakar Nurmagomedov during an event.

In an interview with Betway Insider, Mendez said the following: “You know, when we went to the last fight and his cousin Abubakar was to fight, he just got all energized, and he said, ‘I miss this feeling.’”

Mendez’s feedback suggests Nurmagomedov may be looking to get out of retirement, while still at the young age of 32. “And it’s a feeling that he’s gonna miss for a while because of that adrenaline you get from entering that octagon with all those people cheering you on. It’s hard to replace that in normal life because normal life is not like that.”

The undefeated Khabib, having lost only one round in his career, rejected any chances of returning to the sport without the blessing of his mother and as a continual dedication to his late father — who stood in Khabib’s corner throughout his 29-0-0 record.

Mendez also shed light on what his mother’s decision could do to impact a return: “What I do know is his mother’s bond and his mother’s wishes are extremely important to him, and if he did ever decide, it would have to be his mother and him talking, and his mother would have to give him her blessing. Even if he wanted to fight, it’s never gonna happen. He will not disobey his mother; he will not. That’s just who he is.”

Though Khabib’s intentions with retirement come from an honest place, the UFC is notorious for bringing its employees out of retirement with the right price and fight orchestrated by President Dana White.

Written by Alejandro Avila

Alejandro Avila lives in Southern California and previously covered news for the LA Football Network. Jeopardy expert and grumpy sports fan that has watched every movie.


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  1. The dude is a beast. I love his tenacity. He won me over when he beat down McGregor and then threw his mouthpiece at McGregor’s trainers and went after them.

    I was like holycrap, I love this dude.

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