Keyshawn Johnson Celebrates Mike Golic, Hopes To Follow In Honesty Footprints

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Keyshawn Johnson sat down with Clay’s buddy Peter King to talk about this new ESPN Radio morning show job that he will be assuming now that the Worldwide Leader has decided to send Mike Golic out to the pasture. Keyshawn said the right things about his football resume and how he’s following a legend, but one thing that stuck out from the conversation was when he references the times changing and the ESPN Radio morning listener changing.

I’m just some regular guy out here in Ohio who used to hit up an Applebees here and there because Golic would swear by the burgers. It sounds to me like the morning show, which will air from 6-10 a.m. EST, is about to change how it does business. Call me crazy, but it sounds like the days of Greeny milking a cow and Golic chowing on Subway is about to be replaced by something that’s not Middle America fun — beer, food, laughs and sports.

From Keyshawn Johnson’s chat with Peter King:

When I was having the conversation about taking this job over, I was excited. It’s like Leno following Carson on ‘The Tonight Show.’ ‘Mike and Mike,’ then ‘Golic and Wingo,’ those guys set the standard, and people all over the country listened, in their cars on the way to work, or on their 45-minute treadmill workout. It’s the number one sports radio property. But times have changed. That audience isn’t the same as it was.

“I think our show’s going to be a fresh breath,” Keyshawn added about the show that will also include Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti. Fresh breath? We need a follow-up question on that. Fresh breath compared to what?

Here’s how Keyshawn made the move to New York City for his new job.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. People who think “radio is changing” and go for unproven talent will find out soon that they are going to lose market share and advertisers’ dollars fast!!!!! Reasons why Jim Rome still commands the highest salary (despite not having the strongest ratings at local stations) is because of the loyalty of the listeners and “clones” who continue to buy the stuff Rome pimps up (yup —– I bought almost 90% of the products he pimped out except Lumber Liquidator). That’s the fact – I like Keyshawn (took a picture w/ him before and he was real friendly) but PD who thinks “new” or “younger” or “woke” audience will rule the radio market will be out of a job in no time.

  2. I loved Golic and Golic. Loved Golic and Wingo. Listened every morning during workouts and work. When the changes were announced I was bummed out since the morning show was about shooting the bull and having a good time. No hot takes and no one yelling about everything.

    I like Keyshawn Johnson and when he started at ESPN I found his perspective solid.

    This weekend ESPN Radio began pumping up the new lineups. Keyshawn made the rounds and I was disappointed. It was trash talk and hot takes when he was on Marty & McGee. I mean, I get what he was doing, but it wasn’t what I thought would take over in the mornings. The interview confirms what I heard and how it will be in the mornings.

    I am probably not the person ESPN is going for in the mornings now and that’s ok. I’ve never been a Progressive Insurance or Pennzoil customer. lol I’ll find something else to listen to in the mornings.

  3. Hey Joe,
    Keyshawn has not yet lived down his “just gimme the damn ball” screech to the football world.
    EVERY receiver wants more targets and more catches. When he said it, it was kinda startling.
    So we let him skate on that…cuz his heart was in it.
    But that doesn’t make him “The WR Doc”…or “Mr WR Insight”. He’s just another guy, and we’ve heard ALLLLL the cliches for EVERY position player.
    Key…your show’s NOT gonna be a FRESH BREATH.
    Peter King’s NOT gonna help you get over the hump.
    God bless, Key…but you’ve got ZERO bona fides as a WR in the NFL. If we’re not hanging on every word from Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Megatron, or Julian Edelman then we sure as shit ain’t waiting’ for you to educate us. True dat, Key…real life.

  4. I’ll stick up for Key here.

    He’s been cutting his teeth on ESPN radio in LA for several years now. First and foremost, I have found his obvious patience to wait in line and gain experience refreshing in the age of Gimme Now. He has clearly worked hard and taken whatever has been given to him, and he’s been genuine and thoughtful about it. I was surprised I liked him, but I did.

    And where the typical ESPN LA sports radio host has been social climbing and nauseatingly moralizing (e.g., Jorge Sedano), Johnson has been consistent and surprisingly real. He’ll certainly be less wokish than Dan Patrick, who is the other morning option in LA. So I’m gonna give him a chance.

    And if the evil 4 letter wanted to give me and my kids a coast to coast ride in a private jet, I wouldn’t turn them down. Don’t think you would, neither.

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