Key Biden Advisers ‘Pessimistic’ About Florida

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At 7 p.m. ET, most of the polls in Florida closed. The western panhandle will close at 8.

Common polls show Joe Biden leading in Florida within the margin of error, though some experts predict President Donald Trump will hold the crucial state.

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny is reporting that there is “pessimism” from key Biden advisers on their chances of taking Florida:

With 29 electoral votes, Florida is the biggest prize up for grabs. California’s 55 and New York’s 29 will go blue. Texas, with 38, is trending toward a true battleground state but should still go red this year.

As we’ve discussed, Florida is far more critical for Trump than Biden. If Trump loses Florida, barring a wild turn of events, he is done. If Biden were to lose, he can still seal a victory with wins in Arizona, Pennsylvania, or North Carolina as long as he wins both Wisconsin and Michigan, as polls suggest he will.

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