Kevin Sumlin Loves Mad Men, Declines To Reveal Favorite Character

 At the SEC Network announcement on Thursday, I had the chance to interview Kevin Sumlin. 

You can listen to that entire interview here. I think y’all will enjoy it. Sumlin has rapidly become one of my favorite SEC coaches and we talk about a variety of subjects during the interview. Including Johnny Manziel, the new stadium expansion, recruiting, and what shows Sumlin likes on television.

Sumlin says, “I’m a “Mad Men” guy.”

Mad Men is one of my six favorite television shows on the air right now:

1. The Americans

2. Homeland

3. Mad Men — For those of you who say this is too low, it’s not that I presently dislike Mad Men, it’s just that I’m more excited to watch the first two shows on this list. 

4. Game of Thrones

5. Modern Family

6. Veep

So of course I want to talk about Mad Men with Sumlin as much as I can. 

My next question was who is Sumlin’s favorite character. 

Sumlin’s response, “I’d rather stay away from that.”

Yep, he declined comment on his favorite Mad Men character. 


This is just outstanding. 

So, of course, this got me thinking, who is Sumlin’s favorite character on Mad Men? Why is he afraid to tell us?

Here are my best guesses with odds set as well:

1. Joan Harris 2 to 1 

The voluptuous redhead female star of the show.

Why wouldn’t he admit to this? 

To keep him out of trouble with his wife. I think this is the most likely answer. 

2. Don Draper 3 to 1. 

Given that Don’s moral code is — how should we say this, quite flexible — it might not be the best thing for a coach to endorse. Although, the Sumlin as Don Draper Internet memes would be outstanding.

In fact, can we get Sumlin photoshopped in giving his own version of the Carousel pitch? I know one of you Aggies can pull this off. Pick the best highlights and have Sumlin/Draper flipping through here. Y’all need to watch this pitch because I’d definitely sign with Don Draper’s football team.  

 Don Fucking Draper. 

3. Roger Sterling 5 to 1

My personal favorite on the show by far. 

Roger has the best lines and finds himself in the most ridiculous situations.  

I truly love him.

Does Sumlin too?

It would’t be a total shocker.  

4. Pete Campbell 8 to 1

The pefect anti-hero, the most loathsome character on the show for much of its six year run. 

But, boy, don’t you also like him too?  

5. Megan Draper 10 to 1

Yes, she’s hot and she’s never done anything wrong, but there’s something that you just don’t like about her, right?

6. Peggy Olson 11 to 1

She’s risen from the bottom all the way to the top. Could Sumlin see himself in Peggy Olson’s rise?

Unlikely, but perhaps.

7. Trudy Campbell 13 to 1

Maybe it’s just me but I find Trudy Campbell to be really, really hot. 

She’s not even on the show very much — and she’s a spoiled brat — but it would’t shock me if she was a guy’s favorite female character. 

8. Harry Crane 15 to 1

Rapidly giving Pete a run for the most detestable character on the show. 

Not surprisingly, I also love him.

9. Bert Cooper 25 to 1  

Shoeless greybeard in the ad agency. Practices a zen-like meditation that sees him rarely raising his voice no matter the seriousness of the situation.  

10. Lane Pryce 30 to 1

Henpecked British accounting expert.

Loves the ladies, covertly.

Great old school boxer.  

11. Glen Bishop 45 to 1

The hipster Mad Men watcher’s favorite character. He’s a creepy kid in love with Sally Draper.

Is Sumlin a Mad Men hipster?


12. Betty Draper Francis 10,000 to 1

I inadvertantly left her off my list of the most hated characters on good television. 

She’s awful in all respects.

So who do you think is Sumlin’s favorite Mad Men character?

I feel like it’s definitely Joan or Don. 




Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.