Kevin Durant Receives Surprising Call-Out During ‘Hard Knocks’

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Hard Knocks viewers were treated to a crossover with the NBA during a weight training session with the Detroit Lions.

John Brown, father of Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown, chose violence when he discussed his timeless workout regime — as a two-time Mr. Universe and three-time Mr. World champ — and singled out Kevin Durant for never doing calf raises, which Brown cited as cause for KD’s Achilles trouble, dating back to his injury during the 2019 NBA Finals.

The scene stealer from episode two of the Lions’ Hard Knocks season, with a new episode airing on HBO Max every Tuesday, shared the following on building a player’s strength for the NFL slate.

Brown said, “You got to train your whole body. Kevin Durant and these guys, messed his Achilles up. I have a question for guys like Kevin Durant. When’s the last time you did a calf raise?”


The 6-foot-10, 240-lb. Durant responded to Brown’s call-out with a tweet (or a Smashing Pumpkins hit) on Wednesday, using his personal account.

John Brown, 1984

“Today,” responded KD, answering pop’s question about the last time he performed a calf raise.

John Brown knows a thing about NFL training: bringing up sons Amon-Ra and Chicago Bears wideout Equanimeous St. Brown to the pros.

Twitter was split between taking Durant’s side or heeding Brown’s advice.

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