Kevin Durant Playing Catch — With A Baseball — Might Be 2020’s Craziest Moment

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There have been a couple crazy moments in 2020, but I have to put Kevin Durant playing catch with a baseball on Manhattan Beach at the top. Let’s think back to the last time we all saw an all-time basketball great throwing around a baseball — ON A PUBLIC BEACH.

First of all, I’ve been at this Internet job a long, long time and I can’t remember any NBA guys throwing around a baseball for the joy of it. There might’ve been some Directv commercial or deodorant commercial where a guy tries to throw a baseball, but it wouldn’t have been for the joy of the activity. John Wall tried to throw a first-pitch once. Kobe threw one much better than Wall. In 2018, TMZ played a grainy video of LeBron making a great catch during a pickup game of softball.

Now someone show me NBA guys taking gloves to the beach and loosening up the rotator cuff. Good luck finding that footage.

Michael Jordan might’ve been the last time we had a memorable moment where a basketball player dabbled with baseball. That was 26 years ago. MLB should buy this Durant video and turn it into a commercial. Then run the commercial during the NBA Finals. I’d run it all over Instagram. TikTok. Snap. Baseball won’t do it because it’s operated by Rob Manfred and can’t figure out a way to promote actual baseball players, but it would be the perfect footage to show kids it’s cool to take a hardball to the beach and launch it.

As for the form, it’s not “excellent,” but it’s pretty good. KD clearly played a few summers of Little League before sprouting to 7-foot. The guy seems engaged with the activity and having fun. This is so rare and so 2020.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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