Kevin Durant, NBA Players, Labeled ‘Goons’ By Kendrick Perkins

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After Kevin Durant’s most recent spoiled brat routine – he wants out of Brooklyn unless coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks are fired – former NBA player Kendrick Perkins is using his platform to lash out at the wishy-washy KD and his NBA brotherhood.

Before doing so, Perkins, who now works as an NBA analyst for ESPN, wanted to (rhetorically) make sure he understood Durant’s most recent stance. “So let’s get this straight… KD requests a trade the day after the draft, all the sh*t hits the fan and a month later he doubles up and calls for the jobs of the GM and the Coach?,” Perkins tweeted Monday.

He’s pretty much spot on there. Durant does want out of Brooklyn, the team he handpicked to join in 2019. The same franchise that gave him a max contract even though they knew he would miss his entire first season following surgery. Also the same team who agreed to sign his buddy Kyrie Irving and all that entails.


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Durant’s somewhat sudden change of heart left the always opinionated Perkins irked with his former teammate (in Oklahoma City) of four seasons.

This generation is some goons! Carry on…,” Perkins wrote when concluding his tweet.

Durant’s the second NBA megastar called out by Perkins within the last month. In July he took a shot at LeBron James for being hypocritical in calling Boston fans racist, yet owning a percentage of the Red Sox.

Kendrick Perkins Has One BIG Problem With LeBron James Saying Boston Fans Are ‘Racist As F–k’

Chances are we’ll soon hear plenty more from both Durant and Perkins, not that we’re complaining.


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Written by Anthony Farris

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