Kevin Durant, Markieff Morris Show Off Smooth New Handshake That Could Technically Get Them Drug Tested

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Markieff Morris and Kevin Durant should not be surprised if they are asked to submit a drug test in the coming days. Their smooth new handshake may be the reason.

Earlier this week, video surfaced of Durant and Morris putting in work prior to a game in what appears to be Toronto. The two Nets hoopers took a break from getting up shots to try out a new handshake.

Morris appeared to be the mastermind behind the whole thing, but Durant was loving the idea. Meanwhile, in the background, one of the team trainers couldn’t help but crack a smile.

During the handshake, the two players appeared to roll up and put a joint and/or blunt behind their ear.

Kevin Durant and Markieff Morris’ handshake goes crazy:


NBA players be having the most unique handshakes

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The handshake, which is not subtle at all, drew quite the reaction. While there was plenty of love for the suave, but not-so-subtle shake also led to a lot of hate.

One commenter said: “What a bad influence for kids? I mean are they seriously implying they smoke marijuana? My kids will no longer be watching the NBA”

Another replied: “This is disgraceful from the NBA!”

Smoking weed is legal in the NBA. Rather, it is not illegal, necessarily.

The league suspended random drug testing for non-performance enhancers in 2020. It has not tested for marijuana since ‘The Bubble.’

However, players can still be screened for probable cause. Morris and Durant’s handshake is probably probable cause, thus they could be screened.

The NBA is unlikely to do anything in direct response to Morris and Durant’s phantom blunt roll. It’s not a huge deal.

Technically, though, it could.

Meanwhile, the Nets have won 14 of their last 15 games.

If the NBA was to use the handshake as probable cause for a drug test, it would be with a clear agenda.

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