Kevin Costner Claims He’s Not Under ‘Yellowstone’ Contract, Show’s Future Remains Murky

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Kevin Costner’s time on “Yellowstone” might actually be over.

The series is supposed to return in November to close out the epic western saga, and all eyes are whether or not that will actually happen. Right now, it seems very unlikely season five and the series conclude as scheduled.

Well, the situation continues to descend into chaos, and the man responsible for playing John Dutton is now claiming he’s not even under contract to finish the show.

Will Kevin Costner return to “Yellowstone” to finish the show? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Kevin Costner claims he’s not under contract for “Yellowstone.”

Costner claimed in court documents for his divorce from estranged wife Christine Baumgartner obtained by Insider that he’s “no longer under contract” for the show.

“I will earn substantially less in 2023 than I did in 2022. This is because I am no longer under contract for ‘Yellowstone,’ the principal source of my income last year,” Costner stated in the documents.

When will “Yellowstone” return? (Credit: Paramount Network)

The star actor claimed he’s “disputed” the claim from “Yellowstone” producers that he’s not owed more money, according to the same Insider report.

That would seem to indicate it might not have been Kevin Costner’s decision to end up without a contract.

The show continues to deal with carnage.

The claim Kevin Costner isn’t under contract to finish the hit neo-Western series just adds more fuel to the chaos surrounding “Yellowstone” season the season five mid-season break.

There were nonstop reports of problems behind the scenes. Then, the Paramount Network and creator Taylor Sheridan decided to simply end the show after season five.

A new spin-off series with Matthew McConaughey is expected to happen at some point. For now, it appears Kevin Costner’s time as John Dutton might truly be over.

That’s bad news for fans. How can the show get a proper ending without John Dutton?

Kevin Costner claims he’s not under contract to finish “Yellowstone.” (Credit: Paramount Network)

Fans might want to start mentally preparing for a disappointing finish. It really does seem like this is setting up for a disaster. I hope I’m wrong, but all signs are pointing to a disappointing and underwhelming conclusion.

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