‘Yellowstone’ Has Major Kevin Costner Problem, Might Not Return In 2023: REPORT

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Kevin Costner might not have any plans to film the rest of “Yellowstone” this season.

The rest of season five is supposed to premiere in November and wrap up the legendary western series from Taylor Sheridan.

I’ve already said many times the writers’ strike could push that date back, but now, it appears Kevin Costner might not be available until 2024.

Will Kevin Costner not return to “Yellowstone” in 2023?

Costner stated in court documents tied to his divorce from wife Christine Baumgartner that “he doesn’t anticipate being on location for at least the rest of 2023,” according to the Daily Mail.

It was previously reported Costner wouldn’t return unless he liked John Dutton’s ending. Now, it seems like that might not have been a bluff.

There’s simply no way the rest of season five can film if Kevin Costner doesn’t return. In theory, Taylor Sheridan could kill off John Dutton off-screen and just roll from there.

However, fans will revolt if that happens and be justified in doing so.

Kevin Costner reportedly doesn’t plan on returning to “Yellowstone” in 2023. (Credit: Paramount Network)

The future of the show remains murky.

“Yellowstone” has been consumed by chaos and carnage for a long time, and it appears that trend won’t end in the near future.

There were months and months of nonstop reports of trouble behind the scenes. Eventually, Sheridan and the Paramount Network made the decision to just pull the plug and wrap things up with season five.

A new sequel series is expected in December. However, I would caution fans when it comes to that timeline. The writers’ strike is going to push everything back.

Combine that with Costner stating in court documents he doesn’t plan on returning in 2023, and Taylor Sheridan and the rest of the “Yellowstone” cast have a huge problem on their hands.

When will the show return? Could “Yellowstone” return in November? I suppose it’s possible, but there’s a lot of evidence to suggest it won’t. Combine the writers’ strike with Costner not planning on returning, and it most definitely appears a 2024 conclusion is in the cards. That’s definitely not something fans will be happy about. This nonsense has gone on far too long.

When will “Yellowstone” return? (Credit: Paramount Network)

Hopefully, everything gets ironed out and fans get a conclusion we deserve. Make sure to check back for the latest updates as we have them!

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