Kentucky’s London Olive Celebrates Valentine’s Day, The Tebows Are In Love & Bill Clinton’s Message To Hillary

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I’m officially on the injured reserve list for the snow that’s coming in tonight

Ever had one of those moments where something pinches in your lower back and it’s an “uh oh” moment? Yep, had one Sunday morning and tried to work through it, but at this point, it’s going to have me out of commission for the 12 inches or so that are incoming. This is when having kids comes in handy. It’s time for the 8-year-old to learn on the job. Get out there, put the shovel to the pavement and enjoy. It’ll be his first big snowfall since becoming of age to handle the snow shoveling duties, but this is his chance to build his own snowpiles and create those winter memories.

That said, I’m definitely not happy about these circumstances. You want to be out on the field helping your teammates. You don’t want to be on the sidelines, missing out on the Super Bowl of snow removal 2021. The feeling of being weak and not worthy of a spot on the team starts to creep in. Now I know how my father feels when he needs me to step up to help him with some sort of physical activity. It’s going to be a mental game over the next 24 hours. I need to keep my head straight and not try to get back on the field too early. One wrong move tomorrow morning, and I could be risking part of my golf season. I know the manly thing to do is risk it all, but I have golf goals in 2021 and I have to puss out on the snow removal.

Yes, I’ll hire kids in the neighborhood to help out. I know you guys are big on keeping the money circulating amongst the locals.

• How about that Daytona finish early this morning Eastern time? The winner, Michael McDowell, might come as a shock, but don’t forget that this guy finished 5th two years ago and had two other top ten 500 finishes on his career resume. That said, it was his first career win in 358 Cup starts over 14 years.

• Keep in mind that McDowell had just one win (2016 Xfinity Road America race) on his resume as a top-level stock car racer. In other words, McDowell’s life went from obscurity to a spot in history early this morning as one final pile-up on the last lap allowed him to outrun Chase Elliott to the line.

• I’ve said for years that we’re headed towards streaming networks getting their hands on NFL rights and that it would become the norm. Now comes news from CNBC that Amazon is the odds-on-favorite to nab the Thursday Night Football rights in the upcoming TV rights package. Of course this makes sense. It’s impossible to buy a TV that doesn’t come with pre-loaded apps and, as of this month, Amazon Prime is up to 150 million subscribers. Amazon added approximately 25 million subscribers between October and February 3. Do the math and don’t be shocked when Amazon owns more than just Thursday Night Football.

The COVID headlines on the front of keep inching further down the page. Don’t be shocked to see some “new variant” headlines this week to fire people up. Meanwhile, look at England’s numbers. If that variant they keep hyping up is going to cause chaos, it better get its ass in gear.

• We’re weeks away from golfing. The ‘VID is slowing, my back needs to heal and the snow needs to melt. Soon everything will be back to normal.

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  1. Hang in there Joe, not worth taking out the golf game!! Good time for the kids to start to build “character”!! I live in the “Official Snow Czar of Nashville” backyard. Lots of idiots in the area. Thank god your hands are not affected. Keep up the good work of posting the internet honeys!! Although no more pics of the Clintons. Almost lost my breakfast.

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