Kentucky’s 330-Pound Offensive Lineman Should Win An Academy Award For His Amazing Slow-Mo Flop

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Kentucky offensive lineman Tashawn Manning may want to consider a career change. The former three-star recruit could continue to pursue his NFL dreams, or he could go into acting.

Based on his performance on Saturday, the latter is not far-fetched.

During the fourth quarter of the Wildcats’ 10-point win over the Mississippi State Bulldogs, things got chippy. Frustration boiled-over and visiting safety Collin Duncan got into it with Manning.

That is a bad idea, considering that Manning is 6-foot-4, 330 pounds and Duncan is 6-foot-0, 210 pounds. Simply not a fair matchup.

Both parties were involved. Neither “started it,” but Manning definitely finished it and did so in hilarious fashion. He could not have flopped any harder.

To get things started, Duncan came down field to try and get to quarterback Will Levis. Manning locked him up, the two were jarring through the whistle, and he closed out the exchange with a swipe at Duncan’s helmet.

But it didn’t stop there. In retaliation, after the play was blown dead, Duncan threw a “punch” back at Manning’s helmet.

For a moment, it looked like nothing was going to happen. It took a full “two Mississippi” count for Manning to react, but when he did, it was hilarious.

Kentucky offensive lineman Tashawn Manning flopped.

It looked like he had been overtaken by the Holy Ghost.

Manning’s performance was one of the best of the year and, somehow, the officiating crew bought it and flagged Duncan with a 15-yard penalty. The way that he paused for a moment and then fell back in slow-motion is truly gold.

Forget Leonardo DiCaprio or Tom Cruise, there is no reason that Manning shouldn’t be up for Best Actor come Oscars season. And it’s hard to make a case that he shouldn’t win, because Saturday’s flop was an incredible acting performance.

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