WVU Baseball Players Share Inside Look At Subpar Living Situation For Regional After Hotel Disaster Forces Them To Stay In Dorms

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Kentucky is hosting a college baseball Regional in Lexington this weekend, but all of the hotels are booked and there is nowhere to stay. The city is also hosting the largest music festival in the state and multiple high school state championships on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

To make matters worse, 40,000 people are converging on a nearby town for a band festival. Any hotels that may have been available in those areas, outside of Lexington, are booked.

Ball State, West Virginia and Indiana round out Kentucky’s Regional. All three teams would normally spend the weekend in a hotel in Lexington. That isn’t possible.

Instead, the Mountaineers, Cardinals and Hoosiers are staying in dorm rooms.

Now, to be clear, the dorm rooms are not standard dorm rooms. They are the “suite-style” dorms, so they are a slight step up in terms of quality and cleanliness.

The Kentucky Regional dorms aren’t ideal.

With that being said, West Virginia infielder J.J. Wetherholt shared an inside look at the living situation.


Regional Baseball in the dorms πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ #fyp


The suite-style dorms could be a lot worse, but they still aren’t great in comparison to a hotel.

The dorms are not on par with, say, the Holiday Inn. Sleeping on an 80-inch dorm bed is not on par with a double bed at a hotel.

Especially for the pitching staffs:

  • Maxx Yehl, WVU pitcher β€” 6-foot-6
  • Gavin Van Kempen, WVU pitcher – 6-foot-6
  • Carson Estridge, WVU pitcher β€” 6-foot-7
  • Tommy Beam, WVU pitcher β€” 6-foot-7
  • Robby Porco, WVU pitcher β€” 6-foot-8
  • Will Watson, WVU pitcher β€” 6-foot-6
  • Luke Sinnard, IU pitcher β€” 6-foot-8
  • Wes Burton, IU pitcher β€” 6-foot-8
  • Will Jacobson, BSU pitcher β€” 7-foot-0
  • Ty Johnson, BSU pitcher β€” 6-foot-6
  • Ty Weatherly, BSU pitcher β€” 6-foot-6
  • Drew Trevino, BSU pitcher β€” 6-foot-6
  • Trennor O’Donnell, BSU pitcher β€” 6-foot-7
  • Casey Bargo, BSU pitcher β€” 6-foot-8

All three teams that are forced to stay in the dorm rooms were promised tempur-pedic mattress toppers. Upon arrival, they were not there. And there were some air conditioning issues.

West Virginia got it figured out.

Fortunately, for the Mountaineers, their staff was on top of it.

It is unclear as to how Indiana and Ball State are handling their accommodations, but even with the A/C and mattress toppers, the dorm rooms are definitely not what they are accustomed to on the road.

And, putting the dorms and players aside, the lack of hotels is a problem for traveling fans. Grant Hussey, a sophomore at West Virginia, will not have his grandmother in the stands because there is nowhere for her to stay.

It’s not great. It could be significantly worse.

Though if that was the case, they would not be playing in Lexington. The housing situation at Kentucky this weekend is about the bare minimum to scrape by without losing the Regional.

It works, but it’s not up to par.

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