Kentucky HS Principal In Hot Water For Student Lap Dancing Investigated In 2008 For Inappropriate Behavior

Hazard (KY) High School Principal Don ‘Happy’ Mobelini, who’s catching heat this week for Tuesday’s homecoming pep rally featuring a ‘Man Pageant’ where high school boys wore lingerie and gave lap dances, was investigated for inappropriate behavior in 2008 involving high school students.

According to a 2008 story, state officials investigated Mobelini in 2008 after photos surfaced showing the principal driving students around while they smoked and drank vodka. That investigation came after another 2008 incident where students were caught drinking on the high school football field after Mobelini had dropped off the students. Investigators couldn’t determine how the students at the football field got the alcohol.

“Kids sneak and drink,” Mobelini said about the vodka in the car incident. “They screwed up. I’m sorry I didn’t catch them. All I do is try my best to help students not drop out of school and get a diploma. I don’t try to harm them.”

Principal Don ‘Happy’ Mobelini at Hazard High School homecoming assembly / via WKYT

Mobelini, who has since added the job of mayor of Hazard to his resume, is catching heat for Tuesday’s incident where girls wore Hooters costumes and pretended to be carrying draft beers and boys cross-dressed and rubbed on male school administrators as part of the ‘Man Pageant.’

“Normally, the principal, Happy Mobelini, is pretty dad-gum strict, so that surprises me, unless someone pulled something out of a hat,” school board member Aster Sizemore told The Courier Journal when asked about Tuesday’s behavior. “A kid comes to school with a short dress, you know, he makes them go home and change.”

Now, has it been 13 years or so since ‘Happy’ Mobelini had a couple of incidents where high school students made him look bad? Yes, it has. Was Tuesday another bad look? That’s for you to decide.

There’s definitely a segment of Hazard locals who has absolutely no problem with Mobelini and Tuesday’s Man Pageant. To outsiders, this looks bizarre.

Hazard High School homecoming assembly / via WKYT
Hazard High School homecoming assembly / via WKYT

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