Kentucky HSFB Player Makes Defense Look Silly With Nasty, Vomit-Inducing Jukes That Make Reggie Bush Seem Mundane

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Montice Quisenberry is the nastiest wide receiver you have never heard of. The Class of 2025 recruit plays in Kentucky and put together one of the grossest runs of all-time on Friday night.

It was truly disgusting. Get your vomit bags at the ready before watching.

Quisenberry, a sophomore, plays for the 6-1 Boyle County High School Rebels, located in the small town of Danville, Ky. Danville has a total population of about 17,000 and the school itself has a total enrollment of just under 1,000.

Danville, Kentucky. (Image courtesy: Google Maps)

If his classmates and local townies didn’t know Quisenberry before, they do now.

The Boyle receiver, who stands 5-foot-9, 160 pounds, made every defender look ridiculous en route to an insane almost touchdown run. It made Reggie Bush’s touchdown run against Fresno State in 2005 look mundane.

Boyle County’s offense took the snap early in the first quarter against Anderson County and Montice Quisenberry went crazy.

The Rebels quarterback took a short, two-step drop from the shotgun and immediately looked to his left. He found Quisenberry for the third-straight play on a short out route at the 20-yard-line.

The Bearcats defensive back quickly closed-in, but it didn’t matter.

Quisenberry planted left, cut right and then came to a complete stop. The defender went flying by as if it was a bull in a bull fight. And Quisenberry wasn’t done there.

After shaking the first defender, a second came in from the right side. Quisenberry looked him right in the eyes, shimmied for a moment and then hit him with an equally as filthy cutback, sending him to the turf where his teammate had stumbled just moments before.

From there, Quisenberry re-broke the ankles of the first defender, who turned back and tried to make the tackle, and then took off running. He shook one final defender at the five-yard-line and came one-yard short of the end zone before being tackled.

Quisenberry broke four would-be tackles on the play— with one defender getting got twice in a matter of seconds. It was truly ridiculous.

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