Kenny Smith Spotted With Bikini-Clad Model, Relationship Status Unclear

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Kenny Smith might have hitched his wagon to Instagram model Aline Bernardes.

The popularInside the NBA” personality is super busy with the NBA playoffs, but that doesn’t mean a man can’t enjoy a little rest and relaxation in his free time. After all, burnout is what happens when you don’t take a little time to recharge the batteries.

Kenny Smith spotted with bikini model Aline Bernardes. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Well, it appears the former basketball star decided to do a little recharging at the beach in Miami this past Thursday with Bernardes by his side.

TMZ reported it’s unknown if the two are dating, and they didn’t engage in any PDA – which should be the standard for grown adults in public.

However, they definitely appeared to be very cosy.

Kenny Smith spent some time with Aline Bernardes.

While it’s unclear what the relationship is with these two, what’s not unclear is Bernardes status online. She has a significant Instagram presence with more than 200,000 followers.

Naturally, as a Big J journalist, I had to do a deep dive and get to the bottom of the situation. TMZ described Bernardes as a singer.

There’s little to suggest that’s the case. What is obvious is she has no problem lighting up Instagram. In fact, that seems to be what her entire vibe is about.

Now, is it possible the two just bumped into each other and there’s nothing going on here? Sure, it’s possible. Is it probable? I wouldn’t bet on it being a total coincidence.

TMZ also reported she later posted an Instagram story Thursday at a dinner with Shaq. My detective skills tell me that means Kenny Smith was also probably there.

No matter what is going on between Kenny Smith and Aline Bernardes, she definitely now has the attention of the internet. That’s definitely not a bad thing for her following and engagement!

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