Kenny Pickett Goes Full Alpha, Crushes A Beer During Luke Combs Concert

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Kenny Pickett isn’t afraid to cut loose with the boys.

The Pittsburgh Steelers QB was at Luke Combs’ Saturday concert in Pittsburgh, and somehow found himself on stage with the country music star.

He did the only thing you can do when you find yourself on stage during a country music concert. He grabbed a beer, ripped it and then spiked the can as if he’d just put a touchdown up on the board.

Kenny Pickett cuts it loose during Luke Combs concert.

This is the kind of stuff fans love to see. Nobody enjoys an athlete or entertainer who takes themselves way too seriously and is uptight. That’s the absolute worst.

People want to see people cut it loose, and that’s exactly what happened here. Kenny Pickett got up on that stage, got his hands on a beer and unloaded it with the same passion and energy fans are used to seeing from the young QB on the field.

Kenny Pickett crushes a beer during Luke Combs concert. (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter Video

Now, was that the best chug people have ever seen? Most definitely not. Kenny Pickett was definitely a little bit slow.

I’ve seen people suck down a beer in one gulp. He definitely doesn’t have that kind of skill when it comes to drinking cold ones, but at least he’s not Aaron Rodgers.

The Jets QB still has the worst beer chug in the history of pro sports.

On the other hand, Matthew Stafford’s beer drinking skills are 100% elite. That’s not a dude you want to find yourself in a drinking competition against.

Kenny Pickett is somewhere in between the two, but at least he had the guts to get out there and do it. That’s exactly what fans want to see from a franchise QB.

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