Kenny G’s Ex-Wife Is Livid That He’s Renting His House To Jeff Bezos

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Soprano saxophone player whose music you may or may not have been conceived to, Kenny G, is hearing it from his ex-wife. That’s because he’s renting his Malibu home to Jeff Bezos and his fiance Lauren Sanchez.

The problem with this, according to TMZ, is that the former Mrs. Kenny G, Lyndie Benson, says she’s owed some money, per their divorce settlement—a lot of it.

When Kenny G and Benson went their separate ways in 2013, apparently the settlement says that if Kenny G sold the Malibu estate for more than $40 million, she’d get 25% of the proceeds.

She claims the house is worth more than $40 million, and she could be right.

She’s arguing that Mr. G moved out of the house, but is renting it to Bezos and his fiance, Lauren Sanchez, for $600,000 a month. That way he could avoid paying her the 25% she would be owed from a sale.


First of all, I played saxophone in 4th and 5th grade, and after seeing Kenny G’s palacial mansion, I regret hanging up my horn, reeds and valve lube.

Damn. Horny people buy smooth jazz records. A lot of them.

Benson claims her ex-husband moved out of the house just so that Bezos could move in. Then he could kick back, noodle on his sax (which sounds dirty but isn’t), and collect those sweet, sweet six-figure rent checks.

She wants Kenny G to sell the house and be sanctioned in court.

According to TMZ, this isn’t the first time that the Malibu home has been a bone of contention. During their divorce, it was a major focus, but they agreed at the time not to sell it.

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