Kendrick Perkins Wants To Talk ‘Hood’ But Claims ESPN Would Fire Him If He Did So…They Wouldn’t

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Kendrick Perkins was not happy with the way the Boston Celtics played in Game 5 of their series with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Perkins’ old team dropped the game by a score of 115-103. That win also handed the Sixers a 3-2 series lead heading into Game 6.

Perkins was so mad about his team’s dismal performance…

How mad was he?!

Perkins was so mad about his team’s dismal performance that he tweeted he wished he could become the hood version of himself on ESPN without getting fired.

Congratulations, Kendrick Perkins, your wish is a reality!

That’s because considering the latitude he’s been given at ESPN recently, there’s no way in hell they’d can him for engaging “hood Perk” mode.

That’s a wild take from a guy who traffics in wild takes for a living. Perkins will say every manner of insane thing but thinks if he says it using “hood” vernacular he’d be shown the door?

Not a chance.

I mean, morphing into “Hood Perk” would pale in comparison to accusing white NBA voters of being racist based on… I still don’t even know what.

A hunch? Cherry-picked dates and examples? A sixth-sense for finding racism in places no one else does, which seems to be a common skillset at ESPN for some reason.

Those comments surely didn’t make the folks at the NBA too happy. Considering they are one of ESPN’s league partners, his comments could’ve been a problem.

But, alas, they weren’t!

So, Mr. Kendrick Perkins, if you can get away with that, then you, sir, can get away with a lot more.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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