Kendrick Perkins Rips Gregg Popovich, Deletes Tweet

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Kendrick Perkins wasn’t a big fan of Team USA Basketball’s narrow victories at the Tokyo Olympics. Though the team still won gold by defeating France, 87-82, the ESPN NBA analyst sent out a tweet, stating how happy he was that he wouldn’t have to follow Gregg Popovich as head coach of Team USA any longer.

Perkins tweeted: “I’m glad we don’t have to deal with Greg Pop no more after these Olympics!”

He deleted the tweet shortly thereafter.

But of course, tweets never truly die. Twitter followers screenshotted the tweet after it went live, proving that Perkins’ lack of speed on the court ultimately translated to his Twitter game.

The analyst has previously called out Pop for his snide responses to the media and for avoiding responsibility for Team USA’s sub-par performances.

As reported by OutKick’s Anthony Farris, Pop’s fuse was lit after reporters held him accountable for his team’s uncharacteristic exhibition losses that preceded the 2021 Olympic Games:

“You asked the same sort of question … last time where you assume things that are not true. You just mentioned blowing these teams out. That’s never happened. So, I don’t know where you get that.”

Perk then went on ESPN and responded to Pop’s outburst:

“We have to address the elephant in the room, and it’s Gregg Popovich. In these last two games (losses to Australia and Nigeria), he has been getting out-coached. He has done a poor job of having these guys prepared for these games on the defensive side of things.”

NBA players have called Perkins out for his take on Pop, but it appears that the former player still has an axe to grind against the insufferably woke coach of the San Antonio Spurs.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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    • I’ve been saying this for years. Totally agree. Durant stepped in and brought that team together. No I’m not a Durant fan either but it was pretty clear he told Popaload to shut up and let us play.

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