Video: Kendrick Perkins Got Emotional in Response to Kevin Durant Calling Him a Sellout

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Kendrick Perkins has been a ubiquitous presence on TV and social in the past week as he’s injected his commentary — and many believe LeBron’s viewpoints — into the story of Kyrie Irving’s opposition to the NBA bubble playoffs. In short, Perkins has opposed Kyrie’s opposition.

Kevin Durant, a former teammate of Perkins and current teammate of Irving, called Perkins a “sell out” in comments of an Instagram post earlier this week. Perkins responded on First Take today:

Perkins’ response was emotional, and harkened specifically on times Durant spent with his family.

It’s been at least several years now that the NBA has elements of a soap opera and even professional wrestling, so it’s always difficult to parse exactly how much the social media components and debate show appearances are performative. In that lens, Perkins has emerged as very talented at stirring up these conversations so you can expect to keep seeing more of him.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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