Kendrick Perkins Badly Whiffs on Inaccurate Michael Jordan Take

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This morning on Get Up, Kendrick Perkins came in hot with the takes. In trying to pump up LeBron James, Perkins yelled that LeBron is 35. Why does this matter? Because, at that old age, Michael Jordan — who LeBron is chasing, per sports-talk TV — wasn’t competing for championships. Well, at least according to Perkins.

Per history, though, at the age of 35, Jordan was competing for rings. In fact, he was winning them.

For more evidence: check the 1998 NBA Finals.

Sometimes, having the strongest sports opinion in the room leads to millions of dollars. Other times, it leads to hoping ESPN erases the archives.

Maybe a documentary on Jordan’s run would refresh us all on his career?

I won’t poke too much fun at Perkins. I’ll leave that to the savvy Twitter users who live for these moments:

Oh, this one is funny:

You have to have fun with it, right? And Perkins, to his credit, is:

As always: coffee is important.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I’ll also throw this out. Jordan basically missed two full seasons in his prime while doing the baseball thing. We’re all fairly confident the Bulls win those two titles with a your typical dominant Jordan on the roster. That’s 8 rings, two more all stars, probably another mvp, and throw another 4800 points on his career totals. Fortunately for the Rockets, he got bored two seasons or else he’d have John Wooden title numbers. Anyone trying to compare Lebron to Jordan is not here with us in the factual world. Perkins must owe Lebron money or something.

  2. I’m becoming very confident the reason some of today’s so called experts are declaring LeBron better than MJ is because Jordan is not “woke” enough to please them. In Bball comparisons, Jordan is miles ahead of LeBron.

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