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Here come the armyworms!

Before Tuesday, I’d never heard of armyworms. Some lawn expert could’ve said the name and I would’ve been clueless. Then Ryan O., a TNML lifer, sent an email titled “Army worms” with a desperate message for the TNML community.

I never thought it could happen to me. I thought it’s a southern thing. I have worked in landscaping and been mowing grass for 35 years never seen this armyworm invasion issue. I had some dead patches and thought it was due to lack of rain.

I reviewed the TNML recap and looked up armyworms and did some recon work on the yard but saw no signs of worms. I got home today and had moles everywhere so I knew they were being drawn in by a food source!! Then I saw them… they were thick and moving fast. I have some pesticides on hand for mosquitoes and other bugs and it listed armyworms in the list of species it targeted. Got the Honda 400 fired up with 25 gal sprayer and went to work.

Hopefully, this will stop the damage but I’m going to spray the rest of the 6 acres to be safe. This could have been much worse if not for the heads up from TNML! Multiple Busch lights also went down along with the armyworms tonight.

Guess what I think is going on in my own yard…that’s right, I think I have the same issue. I was looking at my yard Tuesday, and I’m 95% certain armyworms are making their way through. Then I wake up this morning to a Nextdoor thread saying people are starting to see the issue pop up in Ohio.

Look, I have a big problem to take care of today. This is war. I’ve battled too hard this summer to lose my yard to armyworms. These little bastards are about to meet their death. And then the armyworms that have yet to hatch will meet their death. I will unleash everything known to man to win this turf war. It might mean that I have to dig up a big portion of the yard, burn out the rest of the armyworms and then replant. So what.

League members: I need you to be on high alert.

• Eddie in Acworth, GA writes:

You mention a lot how you like to go out on your deck in the evening and listen to birds. Well, I am obsessed with birds – my family always makes fun of me for it. But there is nothing better than watching birds flock to my feeder. We get hummingbirds, finches, titmice, chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, sapsuckers, and the occasional red-bellied woodpecker (my fave).

What about starting a bird-watching post where guys can upload their favorite bird sightings – post TNML?

Just a thought-love your work and keep it up!!


Listen, I’m all for you guys sending in your bird photos to complement Morning Screencaps. I’ll fire them right into a post. If you get an amazing shot of a nuthatch doing its thing, I’m here to post it. If you have a rare sapsucker on a feeder and think Screencaps readers need to see it, send it in.

Put the email — into your phones. Save it right into your ‘Contacts’ under Joe Kinsey – OutKick and just get into the habit of sending bird photos, dog photos, photos of your yards, garage bars, etc. Inspire Screencaps Nation with your material.

Just don’t think you’re going to beat Eddie in Acworth in an outdoor fireplace competition. That guy has one of the nicest setups I’ve ever seen. It’s no wonder Eddie loves sitting outside.

• Chris D. sent in a suggestion for those of you looking to pick up a media subscription at a special price. Tuesday I mentioned not having a Wall Street Journal account.

Sneaky cheap hack if you’re looking to pay less than full freight on a WSJ subscription is honest to goodness buying one off of Ebay. I’ve been doing this for the past 4 years and I’m always able to find one for print (I love reading the paper, what can I say) + digital for around $130 which is about 75% cheaper than buying it directly. If you want digital only, you can scoop one up for around $70. I know it sounds completely bizarre but it’s totally legit.

• You guys ready for some football? How about UAB vs. Jacksonville State tonight on ESPN? Buckle up. Kickoff is at 7:30. I’ll be busy going to war with the armyworms before they destroy any more of my yard.

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