Ken Jeong Is The 50 Cent Of Half Court Shots

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Thank God he can act, because Ken Jeong sure as hell can’t shoot a basketball.

On Thursday night, Jeong, an actor/comedian, fired off two halfcourt shots during Game One of the NBA Finals. Both shots displayed all the accuracy of a President Biden exit.

Jeong’s a funny guy – and a noted Nuggets fan – but Thursday night had to (unintentionally) have been the funniest thing he’s done in years.

Jeong, 53, was given two attempts to sink a half court shot. It didn’t go well. You could even make the argument that Jeong’s half court heaves were as painful to the eyes as 50 Cent’s infamous first pitch.

Or maybe Jeong’s shots were more Gary Dell’Abate.

Baba Booey!

Either way, they weren’t good. They were bad. Real bad. And he did it not once, but twice.

If you think about it, that’s a rookie move from Ken Jeong. He appears to be only slightly more athletic than late-life Christopher Reeve. So, you’d think he’d be aware of his athletic shortcomings.


After launching an initial miss – granny style – Jeong could’ve called it a night, went back to his seat and laughed it off as a bit. Instead, he chose to follow the lead of Denver’s mascot, Rocky, and fire off a second blunder.

Something tells me we’re just hours away from a publicist blaming that Mile High altitude.

Rough Night For Ken Jeong, Heat

Though Mr. Chow came up short, at least he could take solace in knowing that actual NBA players didn’t fare much worse. And from a much closer distance. The Heat were as cold as Jeong from behind the three point line, finishing the Game One loss by connecting on just 13/39 three point attempts (33.3%).

Neither Ken Jeong nor the Miami Heat shot well on Thursday evening: Copyright 2023 NBAE (Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images).

Miami and Denver square off for Game Two Sunday afternoon from the Nuggets’ Ball Arena. Should the team ask Jeong for a third shot attempt, the actor should play the role of NBA player and sit this one out due to load management.

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Written by Anthony Farris

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