Browns Go Full Michael Scott With Kellen Mond’s Roster Status

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Cleveland Browns QB Kellen Mond had a crazy Thursday with the team.

The franchise originally decided to waive the former Texas A&M star before trading Joshua Dobbs to the Arizona Cardinals.

Following the trade, the Browns had to throw the decision to cut Mond in reverse and decided to keep him on the roster.

It was the highest of highs. It was the lowest of lows for Mond.

Cleveland Browns walk back decision to waive Kellen Mond.

Below is how I envision the talks between Mond, the Browns and his agent went.

Just make a decision, Cleveland and stick with it. You can’t play with a man’s emotions like this. One moment, you’re cut.

The next, the team dumps a different QB to the Cardinals and Mond is now back on the roster and not going anywhere. The emotional swings are too high to handle.

Mond has been a massive disappointment in the NFL.

One of the reasons the Browns were ready to cut Mond is because the man simply hasn’t lived up to the hype at all.

There were many people who thought he could be a star coming out of Texas A&M due to his athleticism. He was receiving first round hype before going in the third round to the Vikings in 2021.

Kellen Mond has been a massive disappointment in the NFL. (Photo by Justin Tafoya/Getty Images)

He was waived after a single season with the Vikings. It’s not often you see a third round pick not lost more than a single season.

The Browns scooped him up and nearly dumped him after a year. He’s thrown three passes for a total of five yards since entering the league. The people who thought he’d take the league by storm were very wrong.

The fact Cleveland was so eager and ready to get rid of him doesn’t speak volumes about his job security.

Cleveland Browns reverse decision to cut Kellen Mond. (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)

At least there’s some Michael Scott style humor involved in the situation. For now, Kellen Mond remains safe. How long will that last? Time will tell, but Thursday was definitely a wild ride for the man.

Written by David Hookstead

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