Crazy Keith Olbermann Gets a Podcast After TV Rejection

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It’s true — anyone can get a podcast these days.

Former TV host Keith Olbermann is moving into the medium, he announced this week. The podcast debuts on Monday and will focus on sports and politics.

Worst of all, the show will air daily. Every. Day.

Olbermann has spent the better part of the past year tweeting and secluding himself from the outside world. His most recent venture, hosting a batty YouTube show, failed shortly after its debut.

We can’t say for certain why not a single sponsor showed interest in Olbermann’s YouTube project: 

Olbermm moves into podcasting after failing to convince MSNBC to hire him. Leaked emails show that Olbermann had been bombarding NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell since at least 2019 to hire him back at the network.

The desperate plea included an unsolicited 5,000-word dissertation-style email begging Shell for a job. Shell said no.

Olbermann tried again when MSNBC announced that ace primetime host Rachel Maddow would move to a one-day per week format. But MSNBC told Mr. Olbermann no again. (Olbermann blames Maddow for the rejection.)

Now, he’ll take a gander into podcasting with a show called Countdown. Olbermann also hosted shows called Countdown on MSNBC and Current TV —  before both networks fired him.

We can’t imagine anyone enjoying this podcast, either. Crazy Keith is certifiably nuts. He earned a staggering 80 percent of all votes in the OutKick 2022 Woke All-Star Challenge. That’s dominance.

Congrats on your win, Keith.

The sad state of Olbermann is a warning to the woke. If you keep living woke, you could end up like him.

No caption needed:

As far as we know, his new show will not include video. While we figured no one would want to put him on camera, almost all podcasts have a video component nowadays. So we weren’t sure.

Before the podcast inevitably fails, expect some audio clips to make a few rounds — mostly for laughs.

As nutty as he is, his craziness can be humorous. But also concerning. Just listen to him:

There was once a time that podcasting required stability. What a fall.

Written by Bobby Burack

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