Keith Olbermann Podcast Drops 110 Spots After He Brags About Chart Ranking

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Crazy Keith Olbermann’s new podcast dropped 110 spots on the Apple Podcast chart just days after he bragged about its ranking.

Before the Big Drop, Olbermann said the success was overwhelming, that it humbled him:

“Countdown” now ranks 156. The drop is the largest differential of any podcast in the top 200.

Olbermann’s podcast never actually ranked among the 50 most popular, as he thought, or the 156th now. See, Apple’s algorithm pushes most newly-released titles to the top of its ranking for the first 14 days, regardless of unique downloads or views.

So, a podcast could rank 2,000th in downloads and place among the top 50 during its first two weeks if it fits the criteria. (“Countdown” debuted on Aug. 1.)

Even the most irrelevant podcasts to launch, like Trey Wingo’s show, charted high initially. In case you haven’t figured it out, Olbermann will fall more than 100 spots after he loses the 14-day training wheels later this week.

The first rule in podcasting is never brag about your first-week ranking. It’s not indicative of, well, anything.

Bragging about such is akin to saying you were the classroom favorite during your first day at the new school. Wait until the following month and see how many friends you have on the playground.

Now, some podcasts remain relevant on the chart after the second week. For example, the “Chris Cuomo Project” still ranks among the top 50 three weeks after its launch. But Olbermann’s trajectory isn’t so promising.

Based on the synopsis of the pod — no, I haven’t listened to an entire episode — it mirrors his former YouTube show: him yelling alone in a room about Donald Trump and Republicans whom he calls “domestic terrorists.”

Picture this coming via Bluetooth:

For a backstory, Olbermann launched his podcast after failing to convince MSNBC to hire him back. Per reports, he sent NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell an unsolicited 5,000-word dissertation-style email begging for a job.

Shell said no, so KO took what’s left of his talents to podcasting.

Strangely, his venture into the digital space includes him publishing the same tweet around eight times per day.

We aren’t sure if Mr. Olbermann is struggling to use his smartphone device or if he thinks this practice will improve ratings. Hard to say.

No matter where he charts, we hope this turns out to be a “humbling” experience.

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