Keith Olbermann Picks Fight With Dana Loesch Over Gun Control

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Former TV host Keith Olbermann is fighting with current TV and radio host Dana Loesch over measures to reduce gun violence.

Thursday, Loesch pushed back on the idea that a system of universal background checks would have prevented the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday.

Loesch tweeted the following:

“The murderer reportedly purchased two rifles and passed a background check. Universal Background Checks would not have stopped this. It’s not a new system, it’s just an expansion of the existing troubled system.”


“Reported to have a drug addicted mother, no details on father, details from law enforcement indicate he lived with his grandmother, dropped out of school during lockdown, did this criminal have anyone in his life to see if his behavior was growing worse? This is where it starts.”

And that’s what set Olbermann off. Here’s their exchange:

To that, Olbermann has said nothing. Despite being the one to initiate the fight with Loesch, Olbermann has since moved on to asking Lauren Boebert to acknowledge him. She hasn’t.

Olbermann was once at the top in both news and sports media. Now, he’s relevant only on Twitter in a self-owning form. He’s miserable. The sad state of Keith Olbermann is a warning to the woke: this is how it ends.

Olbermann has spent the entire week scouring social media for conservative accounts to blame for a mentally-ill man shooting up a school.

On one hand, you could argue that Loesch should ignore this nut-job. She’s far more relevant and respected in her circles than Olbermann is in any circle. Yet dunking on this guy is still a rather amusing exercise.

After all, OutKick readers voted Olbermann the biggest loser of 2022. He dominated the competition. Good for him.

Just look at this loon:

Crazy bastard.

Easy work for Loesch.

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. Right that’s the goal “take all your long guns” that’s what its all about with these phonies he could give a fuck less about the victims this guy is one pathetic low life miserable POS just fuck him hope he doesn’t get inoperable brain cancer

  2. Yet Olbermann and the screeching harpies on The View and dozens of their google-eyed spittle-spewing ilk keep on screeching to whatever cadre of mindless numbnutz value their opinions.
    Mindless numbnutz who, alas, can breed … and vote.

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