Keith Olbermann Orders Donald Trump To Be ‘Seized’ And Tried In Military Court

Today we check in with longtime pal Keith Olbermann.

Keith hasn’t made waves of late, despite launching a new podcast. But it’d appear he’s working through some ideas to start the week.

Over the weekend, Donald Trump posted a message on Truth Social that argued the publicized information revealing the extent to which Twitter engaged in censorship ahead of the 2020 presidential election allows for the “termination” of constitutional articles.

In response to the post, Olbermann called for a military detachment to Mar-a-Lago. He ordered the military to head to Trump’s home, “seize” him, throw him in a “stockade,” and try him in a military court immediately.

Keith Olbermann has seen enough:

While Trump’s message wasn’t all that productive, it did not threaten to overthrow the government, as Keith proclaims.

First, Trump has no power at this point. As Olbermann often tweets, Trump is not the president anymore.

Second, Trump’s post argues that the fraud uncovered in #TwitterFiles allows for the termination of various constitutional regulations. Is he correct? No.

Still, claiming he demanded the complete termination of the constitution is melodramatic and misleading.

Thereby military detachment to Mar-a-Lago, a stockade, and a trial by a military court are events unlikely to occur.

Bet the under.

By the way, since when was Keith an avid defender of the constitution?

Olbermann’s mental instability continues to derail his crusade to prove Republicans mentally unstable.

For example:

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. At any point in time prior to the last 10-20 years, we would have instead sent in a detachment of workers from a mental institution to seize Keith and keep his derangement and obvious severe mental illness away from harming the general public.

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