Keith Olbermann Falsely Claims Hillary Clinton Team Never Destroyed Government Devices

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Keith Olbermann questioned aloud the mental state of  Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.). Though his questioning only affirmed what we knew:

It’s his mental state that’s of concern.

“Hillary Clinton used a hammer to destroy evidence of a private e-mail server and classified information on that server and was never indicted. The same standard should apply to everyone, including Donald Trump,” Nancy Mace, R-S.C. tweeted Sunday. 

While the second sentence is a debate, the first cites what has been confirmed. Yet it’s the first part of the tweet that drew a response from Olbermann:

“You know that didn’t happen, right? Are you ok? You seem to have been hallucinating a lot lately.”

Hallucinating, huh?

Not quite. See, evidence of Clinton’s mishandling of classified information was destroyed.

Olbermann learned so the hard way, through Community Notes.

The fact check under Olbermann’s tweets links to three articles from CNN, Business Insider, and Snopes — each of which corroborates Mace’s tweet.

“Some devices from Hilary Clinton were in fact destroyed by hammer,” reads the Community Notes correction.

Most pundits would have logged off after such a correction. But Olbermann is no longer a pundit. He’s a lonely old man fired from ESPN and MSNBC.

Thereby he had nothing better to do than respond to Mace yet again:

“Dear Ms. Mace, I’m intrigued by the fact that I suggested hallucinations, which can be caused by any number of things. Yet you jumped immediately to recreational drugs and problems effecting their efficacy. I don’t use any of these drugs; I’m surprised at your expertise.”

What exactly does that have to do with his claim that Hillary Clinton didn’t destroy evidence?

We can’t say for certain. But today, Olbermann is back to tweeting out his podcast link repeatedly with a new pair of glasses:

While Mace and Community Notes dunking on Keith was well done, his best dunkings are the ones he performs on himself.

Here’s our all-time favorite:


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