KC Milk Company Releases ‘Eagles Tears,’ A Cheesecake-Flavored Drink Celebrating Chiefs Super Bowl Win (And Philly’s Loss)

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Eagles fans are in udder disbelief over this new product.

Kansas City is still celebrating its Super Bowl win from February over the Philadelphia Eagles. And not just celebrating but stomping on the graves of the 2022-23 Philly team.


In a genius marketing stint, one KC-based milk company is savoring the win and releasing a limited run of cheesecake-flavored milk labeled “Eagles Tears.”

The sweet taste of cheesecake offset by the concentrated saltiness of Eagles fans’ despair actually sounds mouthwatering.

Before Eagles Tears, Shatto Milk released a cherry-chocolate flavor to honor Super LVII MVP, Patrick Mahomes.

Andy Reid’s Chiefs defeated Nick Sirianni’s Eagles, 38-35. It was a bitter defeat for Philly after surrendering an early double-digit lead in the championship game.

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Shatto Milk will be bottling and distributing 11,000 bottles of delicious Eagles tears, hitting local shelves starting April 10.

Nick Sirianni of the Philadelphia Eagle after Super Bowl LVII. (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)

“Tomorrow this limited-release bottle and cheesecake milk is available at the farm store starting at 9 a.m.,” Shatton posted on its Instagram. “The product is now available via pre-order at Shatto Home Delivery and will be available at local grocery locations starting on Monday.”

Naturally, Eagles’ fans found the jab by Shatto Milk tasteless.

Football fans collectively enjoyed a hearty laugh over the new flavor.

(Would you buy a bottle of Eagles Tears?)

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