KBO’s Sword Trophy, Disc Golfer Punches Out From Tough Spot & Annie Agar’s Week 11 NFL Zoom Call

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I might be buying disc golf gear, especially after last night

It’s so weird that the Disc Golf Tour championship was on ESPN2 last night because disc golf has been on my mind for the last few months. There’s a course at the big park in town, and it’s always packed. People of all ages. I see guys who have to be pushing 75 throwing discs. It looks fun and cheap. Then I start thinking about how boring walking around the neighborhood is, especially with my schedule where I’m walking in the morning and at lunch. The blue collar guys with garages I want to hang out in are at work. Big Bob’s at some job site at noon, not in his garage bar. So my walks are pretty boring

Disc golf could be the solution. Instead of going on a boring walk, why not play 18 and get my steps in? My mind was blown last night when I saw this course these guys were playing down in Charlotte. It features water holes, par 4s through a forest, and fairways tighter than any golf course in the world. I should’ve paused the action on the water hole to get a better look, but was that an island green? All I know is that there is a whole bunch of water, and I would lose discs in that pond. One of you guys is well versed in disc golf. What disc set should I buy to get started?

• Like usual, I see so many emotions attached to the College Football Playoff rankings. This is where I have to continually remind people the CFP is about TV money. If your school can guarantee ESPN/Disney a big rating, you’ll be in the conversation. God love ya Cincinnati, but No. 5 is as high as you’re getting. I don’t care if ‘Rona wipes out the rest of the season for the big dogs, you’re not getting in. Is it right for certain schools to never have a shot? No, but business is business. Most of the time, it’s not fair. The big issue I see is fatigue with the same schools ruling the CFB world.

• If you’re in Pennsylvania, don’t forget the bars close at 5 p.m. tonight. You should be treating 10 a.m. as happy hour. Get to those bars and help keep them in business.

• I’ve heard from many of you on the In-N-Out post and how long you’re willing to wait in line for food. The longest you guys are willing to wait is 20-30 minutes, and it better be for damn good food. Most of you say 10-15 minute wait, max. Glad to see we’re all on the same page here. Fourteen hours for a burger, fries, and milkshake is a bad sign for humanity.

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  1. I was on the disc golf craze early, started in college back when there was just a handful of courses in NC. Now they are everywhere. My advice is keep it simple, a driver, fairway disc, and putter. Its more fun that way. I stopped playing when the guys I hung out with started taking the sport way to seriously. For me it was always a place to drink a few beers, enjoy a pretty day outside.

    Spot on for the CFB playoff, the business of business is always business. I don’t want to see Cincy in the playoff either. Give me Bama, Clemson, ND and Ohio State. Plenty of other interesting bowl games for Cincy.

  2. Clay, Right on response to the whining cyclist. Nothing represents the arbitrary, nonsensical, thought process of 21st century entitled Americans more than the ridiculous special exceptions freely given to cyclists to dangerously create traffic hazards while joyriding on our roadways specifically built for automobiles. Here’s a specific example of the idiocy, in Tennessee it’s illegal to drive a motorized 4-wheeler on a highway, but “Stefan” can ride a motor-less bicycle 10 mph wearing an outfit Spanx apparently designed as a prank on men. Our newest Nashville resident, Matt Walsh, has an epic Twitter rant on this from yesterday.


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