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And just like that, the blue checkmarks ran their content creator out of training camp

Tim Tebow was being released as I was typing up Tuesday’s Screencaps opening paragraph where I said the blue checkmarks wouldn’t be satisfied unless Tebow was run right out of town by Urban Meyer. Tim’s release news was dropped by Adam Schefter about 15 minutes after I hit publish, and the checkmarks lost the guy who helped them create all sorts of content over the weekend. Tebow’s missed blocks were content gold for the usual suspects out there looking to crush the guy. Now it’s back to their boring lives, which will include some sort of Kaepernick takeover the next two weeks when a perceived horrible quarterback gets a backup job.

I’ll need a psychologist out there to explain to me why those who cover sports actually hate sports. I guess it’s like an electrician who gets home and doesn’t want to see his neighbor text about helping with an electrical side job. It’s like sports media people do the job, but they actually want it to go as fast as possible, be as vanilla as possible and the joy has been sucked out of their body.

Let’s face it, a large number of the blue checkmarks out there can’t stand the sport that pays their bills and keeps them out of factory jobs, law office jobs, Amazon sorting facilities, etc. It’s bizarre.

I owe my entire professional life to sports. My newspaper career could’ve led to some miserable management job working nights and weekends, maybe days after 20 years, which would’ve ultimately led to a buyout and then who knows what.

Yet here I am blogging for tens of thousands of readers who just want to be entertained, not told how Tebow’s evil for daring to take a training camp roster spot from some nameless guy who was going to be cut and sent off to work for Hertz like in the NCAA commercial.

College football returns August 28 and you’re damn right I’m sucking down as much as I can possibly consume. I will find joy in the pageantry. I will enjoy full stadiums. I will enjoy every minute of it because I’m not like these miserable fools who can’t stand for life to be filled with enjoyment.

So fight back against these blue checkmark fools. Get your football parties lined up. Get those new patio TVs ready for 10 straight hours of consuming this great sport. Cook food that the blue checkmarks despise. Don’t let these idiots ruin the fun.

• Chad R. writes:

I was just curious how you think The Great American Ballpark stacks up against some of the other ballparks and stadiums in Major League Baseball?

Chad, it pains me to say this, but I’ve been to like two Reds games since GABP opened. My first impression years ago was that it was quite boring and fairly typical to the rest of the newish concrete open ballparks out there. I didn’t feel like it was very special. I’m actually due for a visit, but with young kids, a decent drive, and work, it just isn’t on the agenda very often. Besides Wrigley and Camden, the ballparks all sort of run together in my mind. I was at new Yankee Stadium a few years ago for a playoff series against the Astros and couldn’t find a place to charge a phone. I’ve been to Citi Field and it’s OK. Give me a seat out of the blazing sun, easy access to a couple of beers and I’m good.

• It’s been great to see the back-to-school photos popping up on social media. I’m starting to get pumped over the kids all going back because it signals the first time in my OutKick career that the house will be empty — besides my wife in her new office — five days a week. I’ve had enough chatter about Roblox and Craig of the Creek. I love my kids, but it’s time. Get your butts in there and learn away.

• Finally, how about a shoutout for German Marquez. The guy was an absolute warrior last night.

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  1. “I’ll need a psychologist out there to explain to me why those who cover sports actually hate sports.”

    Not a psychologist but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before….

    It’s my guess they would rather do real news but it’s all they could get. They never liked sports. The miserable ones are the ones always dragging culture and politics into discussions. They want to be the next Bryant Gumbell, Matt Lauer, Michael Strahan etc… and branch out to non-sports jobs.

    • I take it you were too dumb to find out what this site is about before signing up multiple times. You’re like the guy who signs up for a PornHub account, then complains about all the smut.

      Or you’re just an unemployed troll.

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