The Bottom Line: Barstool’s Attempt to Take On Whitlock Was Not A Pretty Picture

As The Wire’s Omar Little said, “You come at the king, you best not miss.”

Barstool’s Kayce Smith found that out the hard way Tuesday when she had Outkick’s Jason Whitlock on her Sirius program, “The Dime Package.”

She missed. Badly.

Seems Smith was (initially) upset over Jason’s column about ESPN’s Maria Taylor, which included a side swipe at ESPN’s Katie Nolan:

Beauty, most especially in television, has a privilege that trumps virtually all other privileges. Beauty intoxicates TV executives, bloggers and journalists, and it masks a lack of accomplishment, qualifications and skill. Beauty transformed Katie Nolan from bartender to seven-figure personality, Emmy Award-winner and the darling of aroused bloggers and TV critics willing to ignore her pedestrian humor and inability to execute live television. 

Jason followed it up with this column, further incurring the wrath of Smith and her social media posse. But the coup de grace (before today) was this tweet:

Inevitably, it came down to Jason getting invited onto Smith’s Sirius broadcast, and it turned out pretty much how you might expect.

Who won? As another stalwart of The Wire, Sen. Clay Davis, often said: Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-it.

And the Internet agrees.

… and on like that. You’ve got a phone. You can find the rest on your own. Bottom line? Smith knows that she looks good, but she does not understand this interview does not.

Written by Outkick


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    • Why must people insult douche bags? What has the douche bag ever done to you people? Can we compare him to something more similar, like LeBron… in, “who is the beta LeBron…” 😊

      • I’m glad you brought up douche bags, Farmer Hank…
        I remember a story from back in the day of a famous guy/celebrity who broke up with his gorgeous girl friend. Somebody asked him years later how he felt about her since they were now history. A great answer…
        “When I die, I wanna be cremated…and I want her to put me in her douche bag and run me through one more time!”
        [Apologies to any ladies who are offended. I thought about not posting what the guy said, but it’s a classic on planet Mars.]

  1. Lol RIP to this woman. Beautiful woman but Jason dunked on this chick. She has no business challenging an accomplished journalist like Jason. Stay in your lane chick. She literally uses her looks like look at her photos and how Barstool basically posts articles with porn photos. Lol come on now she knows she uses her looks for success.

  2. I listened to the interview and quite honestly had never heard of Kayce before this “controversy”. I was confused by her and the weak ass guy with her. They agreed with all of Jason’s points- beauty does clearly give women an advantage in sports television (no shit), Katie Nolan sucks at it and ESPN is stupid for paying her $1 million dollars (again, no shit), Jason is a fair respected journalist (fact check-true) and Clay was very smart to bring him on as a partner at Outkick (again true). So where’s the conflict? Oh yeah, you retweeted a photo of me that I posted publicly. Did I miss something?

  3. It’s almost like quicksand…the more you try to reason and explain, the deeper you slide into the amorphous muck in her skull. You’ll never get past “the Dime Package”…she thinks that clever moniker makes her the equal of Hemingway.

  4. Don’t know who this person is but when you want to tangle with JW you may want to think twice because Jason is next level intellect no joke and glad he is on our side.

  5. I don’t follow Barstool and also had not heard of Kayce. If I followed the interview correctly, she felt that Jason’s column on Maria and Katie was sexist and wanted to give Jason the time to discuss it. Jason destroyed her premise and Kayce was basically agreeing. Her next move was either ignorant or great marketing. She posts a hot pic in a tight dress enhancing her “talents” and is offended or concerned that Jason post it (to make a humorous point). That’s FN hypocrisy. Wondering if it was all a marketing ploy for The Dime Package. Because of Jason’s popularity I’m sure a lot more people know who she is now.

  6. It was funny to listen to these two people just lose their minds over Jason’s joke. Kayce was way overmatched, so this guy had to try and save her. But, I bet Jason wishes he had those 25 minutes of his life back to spend on something more valuable, like picking out ensembles for next week’s appearances on national TV.

    • Never heard of Kayce, her show, or her sidekick. I like how they are happy to debate opposing opinions at the beginning of the show and by the end of it they don’t agree with what they are hearing and try to shut Big J down. JW is too experienced and savvy to deal with their BS. JW keeps his cool while these two children lose their mind. Kayce enjoys all the attention on her looks on IG but is offended when JW uses it to prove his point?! Those IG pictures prove the point that there are many attractive untalented people on TV, internet,, streaming, etc… Too funny.

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