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Well, the weekend is over. Great. Unless, of course, you’re in Daytona Beach and it’s officially #SpringBreakSZN. No, Kay Adams wasn’t here, but we’ll get to Queen Kay in a bit.

Yep. It’s hot as hell outside – otherwise known as Fake Summer here in Florida – and it hasn’t rained in months. Seriously, we were under a Fire Warning all weekend, which isn’t nearly as a bad it sounds but it ain’t great regardless.

Anyway, back to Spring Break …

It’s March, which means it’s open season all around the US of A for the next 4-6 weeks. Wet t-shirt contests, walks of shame up and down the boardwalk, Busch Lights by the ocean, and so much regret.

What a wonderful time of year in this great nation, and for this great, big, beautiful, free state.

Let’s start the new week with a gorro de dormir! Yes, that’s nightcap in Spanish.

Kay Adams spring break.
Kay Adams crushes Mexico during Spring Break.

Kay Adams in Mexico

The college kiddos ain’t the only ones enjoying a little R&R right now. Our girl Kay Adams just wrapped up her first season on her new show, Up & Adams, and spent the weekend south of the border.

Along the way it looks like she took down plenty of drinks, did a little sightseeing, some yoga, and went on a couple hikes.

She also posed in front a wall filled with sunflowers, which is a must in the IG world when you’re on vacation. Pro’s pro.

Kay Adams vs. Samantha Busch, who ya got?

What a way to unwind for our girl Kay! She took a big risk leaving Good Morning Football, but it appears the bank account is doing just fine.

And by the way, we can all agree that Kay Adams made that show so, so much better, right? I like Jamie Erdahl just fine, but she ain’t Queen Kay, AKA Future Mrs. Shams Charania.

And how about this for a Big J deep dive … Anyone recognize that wood bridge where Kay is doing her cute little pose? I do!

It’s the same place where NASCAR champ Kyle Busch and OG wife Samantha Busch vacationed earlier this year before Kyle got sentenced to three years in prison for illegally bringing a gun into the country.

What a WILD sentence.

PS: Samantha Busch vs. Kay Adams is a fight for the ages. Bloodbath City.

Kay Adams spring break.
Kay Adams takes a nice spring break trip to Mexico. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Welcome back, Victoria’s Secret models!

Not exactly a tough transition here.

Turns out, the once-famous Victoria’s Secret fashion shows have been on the shelf for four years now? Who knew.

Anyway, they’re coming back! OutKick wrote about it Sunday, but it’s worth rehashing here for obvious reasons.

The popular show started way back in 1995 and got so big that it started airing annually on ABC and CBS. Then, in 2018, the ratings TANKED and the show was paused.

Not sure how a Victoria’s Secret fashion show had low ratings, but it just goes to show you nothing is a guarantee in this world.

This video, by the way, is pure chaos. Didn’t know it existed until today but it’ll get the adrenaline flowing. What a rush.

Good Burger 2 in the works and it’s about time

From Models to McDoubles!

Anyone ever been parked at a White Castle only to get out of your car and nearly escape what I assume would be an awful, awful death?

No? Me neither. We need to consider ourselves lucky, apparently.

My God. Talk about an adrenaline rush! One minute you’re getting ready to enjoy some tiny square-shaped burgers, and the next you’re nearly crushed to dust.

Sort of a good news-bad news situation here, too. The good news is you’re not dead. The bad news is your Ford Escape is DONEZO. Tough break for our Kentucky cat here.

Anyway, I share that because it instantly reminded me of a classic scene in Good Burger, which is unequivocally one of the best movies of all time. No debate. No questions. That’s not opinion, it’s fact.

“Must be a shift change” is laugh-out-loud funny. What a damn movie. Kenan & Kel was absolutely electric back in the day. Must-see TV every single Saturday night on the OG Nickelodeon.

There was NOTHING better than settling in with some Kid Cuisine and going from Cousin Skeeter, to The Amanda Show, to Kenan & Kel to All That.

Those, boys and girls, were the days.

Back to Good Burger 2 …

Apparently, it’s in the works! Found that out while looking up old Good Burger clips, and let me tell you, it was a treat. Can’t wait.

Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were untouchable in the 1990s heyday. Hell, Kenan Thompson parlayed it into a very successful SNL career.

The Kenan & Kel intro is still a banger to this day, Orange Soda was the drink every single kid wanted wherever we went, and the OG Good Burger still holds up.

There are so many good scenes I simply don’t have enough time to break it all down. Unfortunately, we have to move on, so here are a bunch of random clips to watch while you’re on the toilet after dinner.

Welcome to Good Burger, home of the good burger can I take your order?

Starbucks is mad at you simpletons

From orange soda to black coffee!

How about this humdinger of a headline from the WSJ?

Alex Wicker is used to odd looks from baristas when he stops by his local coffee shop. His order is unusual: black coffee. 

“Asking for just ‘coffee’ with no added context, without going through a round of 20 questions with the server, has become impossible at this point,” said Mr. Wicker, a 23-year-old student from Shelbyville, Ind.

Amen, Alex. You know why I choose Dunkin over Starbucks? Because the only follow-up questions I get asked when I order coffee is whether I want to add hashbrowns for 99 cents. That’s it.

No thanks, see you in a minute.

But at Starbucks it’s like you’re thrusted into this weird round of speed dating. They ask you your name, country of origin, 40-yard-dash time and how many kids you want.

And don’t get me started on the size hierarchy, either. Where does Starbucks get off making up new names for small, medium and large? At Starbucks, tall is small, grande is medium, and something called venti is large.

You know where this is going, right? Paul Rudd, take it away! Great scene, underrated movie.

Cat in a bag, moose on the loose

Let’s Dr. Seuss this bad boy up on our way out. Sorry, liberals. I know that’s a sore subject.

Wonder how the kind folks over at TSA started their weekend?

Nope, can’t be doing that. Pretty sure that cat ain’t passing the stupid 3 ounces or less rule. Imagine the things those TSA folks see every single day come through their scanners? You know what I’m talking about.

People are weird. Also, Cat-astrophic mistake was a bit of a reach. Come on, Lisa. You’re better than that.

Let’s now head to Idaho, where a moose nearly won a very risky game of chicken.

The backstory here is that apparently this moose came in between a couple brothers on a trail, and the one fella waving his arms is trying to get the beast to leave his brother alone and come towards him.

It was a good plan, too, except the snowmobile died right when he needed it most. Talk about your bad timing! Absolute worst case scenario right there.

From the original Instagram post:

Lesson learned… brother should have continued on and given it more space. We should have gotten our sleds turned around as well.

Love a good life lesson. Now we know.

Spring break memories to take us into the week

And now, to wrap this up and circle all the way back to Queen Kay Adams and spring break, here’s Scorpions and Big City Nights.

What a time to be alive that was. This decade blows.

And on that happy note, Happy Monday! Let’s have a week.

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