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Lingerie in public — is it a concern?

This mailbag thing is really starting to take off. Clearly I had no intention of stepping on Clay’s toes, but the Screencaps readers keep sending in material, so I have no choice but to respond. By the way, it appears I’m about to be wrong about Elon Musk and Twitter. Barring a last-second change of heart, this guy is taking control of that social media app.

Wild times.

But the sentiment remains, the lib libs aren’t running to the Canadian border. They’re addicts. Twitter is their drug.

Anyway, let’s get to Travers H. and his question:

What are your thoughts on young girls wearing lingerie tops in public? I’m not talking about wearing it out to “the club” I’m talking about restaurants…and last Saturday a noon game at the University of Tennessee where she sat with her friends just two seats down from me and my daughters.

It was more than a little “awkward” for me because the girl (mid 20s) was probably IG content model worthy…but to me it’s just the wrong place & time. Love the column and keep it coming.

I tend to be a live-and-let-live kind of guy who shrugs off most of this stuff, but it does seem we’re living in a period where the mid-20s crowd doesn’t subscribe to leaving a little mystery. My biggest problem is when the IG pretenders walk around in a lingerie top and then red-blooded men are perceived to be scumbags for noticing.

Uh, well, you showed up to watch Hendon Hooker wearing a napkin.

The bigger concern that I’m hearing from my text group is about Homecoming dresses that moms don’t mind their daughters wearing out in public. Hey moms, your daughters will have plenty of time — in college…at Vols games — to show off.

And if you’re 400 pounds, how about putting on some clothes. That’s a national emergency. Go to Cedar Point or a flea market and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Ordering 400-pounders to wear clothes should be a political agenda item.

I can’t allow Clay to have all the fun with hate mail

Here I thought my post on the python eating and Indonesian grandmother story was fair and balanced. Guess not.

As a former Pennsylvania taxpayer, I need to opine for a second on that debate

There was a point Tuesday when John Fetterman’s PR team released some sort of statement saying their candidate wasn’t much of a debater and that Dr. Oz held a huge advantage because of his TV background.

And then Fetterman went out on the stage, clearly not aware of what planet he resides on, and told the audience, “Hi, good night everybody.”

Shame on those who keep trotting out Fetterman because they don’t want to lose power in D.C. Take politics out of it, last night was straight-up shameful to slap the guy on the back and tell him to go get ’em. It was like Tua going in with a scrambled egg brain. It’s like ESPN not having a sitdown with Lee Corso to tell him they need to have a chat.

Pennsylvania politics, from the time I started paying taxes there, have always been a crazy mess of weirdos, cheats, and disgusting behavior, but last night was the biggest mess I’ve seen in the past 21 years of PA history.

Grazing tables

• Troy M. writes:

You have been mentioning grazing tables for a while, and I wanted to send a few pictures of the charcuterie grazing table my daughter-in-law, an Ohio girl from your area, Warren, and my family, put together for me for a surprise 60th birthday party.

They assembled the mother of all grazing tables. We had an awesome time devouring the table all night with the help of deck beers and good friends. If you need a reference about how Liv, my daughter-in-law, designed the table, you can check her out on Instagram at charcuterie.chick for inspiration.

I love Screencaps and always start the day off with a read.

It turns out Troy’s daughter-in-law isn’t just some grazing board expert, she’s like one of the biggest rising stars in the grazing table industry. She even has a grazing board book you guys might want to buy for Christmas gifts.

*This isn’t sponsored content!*

I went back to make sure Troy wasn’t planting his DIL in Screencaps. Troy’s been emailing since October 2021.

Now I need to see if Liv could do us a favor and create a Screencaps-inspired grazing table. I’d love to see what food items she’d come up with. Stay tuned.

And wash it all down with an autumn drink

• Beau in Toledo reports a friend of his sent this drink concoction:

A report from Paris & getting that perfect Instagram content

• M.J. V. in Indy writes:

In Paris, trying to hunt down Mike and Cindy T as they travel around Europe. Ok, maybe not. This has nothing to do with anything, so I thought I would send it in for a topic other than Hilde’s bee-bo.

Spent some time around the Eiffel Tower, and every other person is leaving it all out on the field for the Gram. This lady was walking up and down the center line trying to get that perfect shot. Saw many others just hanging out there. It is 4 lanes of traffic and a simple center line, and they are just hanging out there getting their selfies in. From what I have gathered about Parisian traffic laws, it is whoever has the desire to go, gets to go. So I can’t believe people just stand in the middle of the road, doing their thing.

When I get home, I am going to do a deep dive on landmark and monument shots just to see how crazy people go to get a good picture.

Thanks for keeping us sane.

Let’s do it. We made it to the final Wednesday in October and it feels like Labor Day weekend was like two weeks ago. This fall is absolutely flying by. I blame our kids for having something going on 4-5 nights a week with a couple of football nights thrown into the mix.

Tonight it’s kindergarten parent-teacher conference time to see if we’re on track for high school honors classes. You can never start worrying too soon here in suburbia. Screw a quarter baseball scholarship. My kids better get those academic full rides to a MAC school.

That’s where mom & dad made it in life.

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