Katie Nolan Locks Her Twitter After Whitlock Drops A Bomb

ESPN’s Katie Nolan has locked her Twitter account after Outkick’s Jason Whitlock dropped a neutron bomb after she came at him unsolicited. She took offense to what Whitlock wrote over the weekend about hopping on the beauty train to success.

“Beauty transformed Katie Nolan from bartender to seven-figure personality, Emmy Award-winner and the darling of aroused bloggers and TV critics willing to ignore her pedestrian humor and inability to execute live television.

Whitlock responded with today’s neutron bomb and Nolan instantly went into lockdown mode as the return fire started to come in.

Surely the Katie Nolan blue checkmark friend brigade will come to her defense while the Twitter lockdown remains in effect. Stay tuned.

Katie Nolan Twitter locked


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. My friends and i talk sports constantly — and her name has never come up. None of us knew who she is. She should thank Jason for increasing her visibility by a hundred million percent or so.

    What would life be like without Jason Whitlock and Clay Travis! Outkickers and those of like mind would have not voice. Now, the woke sports world wakes up every day afraid of what OutKick will say
    — but unable to resist the temptation to click on the site.

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